Should an Aspiring Student Go for a Course Which Is in Demand or for a Coursr Which He/She Likes?

SHOULD AN ASPIRING STUDENT GO FOR A COURSE WHICH IS IN DEMAND OR FOR A COURSE WHICH HE/SHE LIKES? Introduction: The student should go for the course that they want because it’s their Enjoyment that is important rather than pressure of society of what is demand/not. But still it’s their choice, so think wisely & don’t force them in a thing that They may regret in end How to choose once career? Do an analysis with open mind. The student alone knows that one particular course they may not like because of superficial knowledge about it.

Just analyses, try to find out the contents of the course, its objective, relevant subjects, the fundamentals, etc. Just before taking judgment about likes & dislikes. Nowadays, we can see a lot of overlapping between different courses. Do a thorough research & analysis, & then take decision. The tips for the parents: 1. CHOOSING A CAREER: The parents may want to mention factors to consider, such as job, market demand, salary ranges and long range. 2.

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OBTAINING MARKETABLE SKILLS: Encourage your children to develop strengths in at least two or three of the following areas: •Computer skills Quantitative skills •Communication skills Scientific skills •Foreign language skills •Leadership skills 3. LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: Many employers rate leadership activities even. Students who were very active in high school activities may be less involved in college extracurricular activities. However, employers regard high school as “ancient history” for a college senior.

It is more valuable for a student to be involved in a few meaningful leadership roles on campus than to be in a “laundry list” of many campus clubs. 4. EXPERIENCE: You may want your son or daughter to work in your hometown every summer.Thus your children gain interest or experience in that field. The choice of lifestyle: It depends on the student. To choose once career, one should know the real motivations, interests, talents for wok, identify your ideal career; discover your communications & leadership learning. Then see what career is best for you.

Thus the aspiring student selects the career. Though, everything favors, if situations fails to support, in vain. So situation also must be favorable for all to succeed in once life Conclusion: “God’s grace is sufficient”. If the will of the student is the will of the God, then their career will prosper.



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