Should celebrate. In spite of Columbus doing somewhat

Should the United States celebrate Columbus Day as a national holiday in the US? Many people may disagree, however, I for one believe that we should celebrate what he did. Although the conquest of the Americas by the Europeans was a little brutal and ugly, his ability to feed the people, make new profound ideas, and being a major part of the spread of western civilization should be a day to celebrate. In spite of Columbus doing somewhat terrible things, he was able to help a lot of other people. For example, in Document 1, we can see a map of the Columbian Exchange.

The Columbian Exchange was a system made by Columbus which allowed the trade of many resources such as animals and plants. These items were traded from the Americas to Europe. From this exchange, he was able to satisfy the needs of thousands of people, and for the most part did not leave anyone hungry. This was a system that helped many people. Not only was he able to feed the people, but the products that were being traded were extremely valuable. For example, document 6 provides an insight as to how it was valuable by saying, ” Potatoes especially supplied many essential vitamins and minerals. Over time, both crops became an important and steady part of diets throughout the world. These foods helped people live longer.

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” From this exchange, people were getting the proper nutrition that they needed in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Foods such as potatoes and corn provided the proper vitamins and supplied a much longer and healthy lifestyle to a lot of people. However, if this trading system would not have been made by Columbus, then it would have left thousands of people starving and not getting the proper nutrients required. In addition, these foods also provided much more. In Document 9, it states that “Remarkably, the people of the Americas realized that crops with higher caloric value could not only feed the people, but also allowed people to work harder because they were more energized.

”  With this proper diet, many people were also able to work more effectively since they were more energized. These foods had helped many people.Lastly, we can’t deny the fact that Columbus did not do terrible things like cause violence, but we have to see the reasoning behind it. After all, a lot of history involved a lot of violence. Columbus was a big helpful cause in other things.

In document 3, it explains that “the point is not to excuse the worst that happened but to understand it…with all that, there are reasons to celebrate Columbus day… the spirit of exploration… and the spread of Western Civilization.” The Columbian Exchange had a big impact on the spread of the Western Civilization.

There were many positive benefits that the West has given like the equal rights, freedom of religion, property rights and the list goes on. The West has given us much freedom and will continue to do so. In conclusion, Columbus had helped the lives of thousands of people by helping to feed the people, making profound ideas like the Columbian Exchange, and being one of the big causes of why we have freedom today. For this, we should have a national holiday and celebrate Columbus Day.



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