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Show hidden-Master (1939)The first virtual reality device in history is the “View-Master” device, which was produced in 1939. It can be watched by the light contained in videos or movies placed inside the device.Sensorama (1962)He was showing 5 short films addressing the senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell with the sensor machine. Designed by Morton Heilig in 1962, Sensorama virtual reality device Morton Heilig had to lift his project because he could not find financial support at the time. But by designing this device and using it little by little, he made the first step in virtual reality technology. It is said that this device is still working.The Sword of Damocles (1968)In 1968, American computer engineer Ivan Sutherland and student, Bob Sproull, made The Sword Of Damocles an important factor in the development of helmet-like screens used today. At that time, this helmet was used in conjunction with hanging brackets due to its heavy weight. At that time, the title used was considered to be a primitive but contemporary VR head.Super Cockpit (1986)This virtual reality title has been developed in virtual reality titles for military use rather than civilian use. One of my first studies has been the super cockpit, which was developed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in USA. Dr. working for the US Air Force. The “Super Cockpit” program developed by Furness has been used in flight training with three-dimensional images of pilots. Flight simulators, one of the first examples of virtual reality studies, allow pilot candidates in the training phase to experience flight experience in a mobile pilot cabin created and controlled via a computer.SEGA VR (1993):The company Sega decided to use the concept of “Virtual Reality”, which is very popular at the beginning of 90s, as a plug-in for the Genesis. In 1991, Sega announced the name of Sega VR. This product carried LCD monitors, stereo speakers and sensors that sensed head movements. This system, which will be used in games played on the first person camera, will guide the character by sensing the head movements of the user. The device was introduced with 4 games at the 1993 fairs. Because of the side effects of the device, the Sega gave up the device to the market. Several prototype models of the device are still available.Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995):July 21, 1995 Virtual Boy was released to the market by Nintendo. Virtual Boy, driven by Nintendo, is the first portable gaming console to provide three-dimensional images. The console sold at $ 179.95 and sold a total of 700,000 units, which caused a major disappointment

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