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     Similarly as A researcher to sociology, we
achieve insightful once recognize what’s a greater amount analyze our society
from dissimilar perspectives. In this paper, I’m setting off for review the
individuals film ‘Prakton’ In addition will endeavor on use those clue starting
with asserting sociological imaginative capability. ‘Praktan’ might make an
bengali Workmanship novel under a film guided by’ Shiboprasad Mukherjee’
Moreover ‘Nandita Roy’. The individuals benchmark regarding this film might a
chance to be kept tabs on the divorce about Ujan (Prosenjit Chatterjee) Sudipta
(Rituparna Sengupta). In the film Sudipta is a preservation architact who does
not go up against male strength and customary family framework, then again,
Ujan is the impression of a white collar class provider who adores history and
contemporary writing. Malini is the second spouse of Ujan Mukherjee, a
customary housewife who left her activity after her marriage. In this film, we
likewise presented with some different characters a gathering of artist,
recently wedded couple, an elderly couple.


The starting screenplay begins with every one of the
characters boarding a prepare. Where Malini (played by Aparajita) and her
little girl Putul share a prepare billet with Sudipta, who was the main spouse
of her significant other Ujan. The motion picture gives its gathering of people
a relative perception of two unique circumstances. A voyage amongst over a
significant time span, deliberately created by the flashbacks from Sudipta’s
self-contradicting past and the breakdown of their marriage. In the meantime,
we can perceive how Malini (second wife of Ujan) handles her family. This film
is the impression of two distinctive age and the changing part of present day
ladies who don’t adjust to customary standards.

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Ujan is a tour guide, who cherishes Caltucatta and its
authentic legacy. Sudipa was a profession situated moved on from protection
engineering. On a legacy walk, Sudipta met Ujan who was the walk pioneer. They
both begin to look all starry eyed at each other as a result of their adoration
towards Calcutta conventional and authentic engineering and proficiency. In the
long run, they got hitched. After that everything wound up plainly changed,
Ujan from his inside was a conventional prideful predominant male and Sudipta
was a cutting edge taught lady who does not stand up to customary standards.
Which prompts misconception and quarreling. Due to Ujan’s man centric family
and prevailing conduct, things gained out of power. Regardless of whether
Sudipta needs to impart her wage to Ujan however couldn’t on the grounds that
Ujan used to feel affronted and tend to think as she is flaunting to him.
Finally Sudipta feels that they are experiencing serious difficulties remaining
together and chose to take separate. Despite the fact that she attempted her
best to remain together yet couldn’t as a result of the distinction between
their qualities, standards, convictions. After their separation, Ujan wedded
Malini, a customary ladies, perfect housewife who knows how to deal with a
conventional joint family. Therefore, they both are living respectively and
carrying on with a cheerful life. In the very completion of the film, we
additionally observe that Sudipta got hitched and they are likewise carrying on
with a cheerful life.


The achievement gap is a divergence on various
instructive measures between the execution of gatherings of understudy,
particularly characterized by sex, race, ethnicity and financial status. It’s
significantly unmistakable in our general public, for instance understudies
from bring down class family endures a ton in light of the fact that after
their H.S.C. examination everybody is searching for to concede in state funded
college and not very many can get chance in their coveted university as each
one of those university have a predetermined number of seats so if an
understudy from bring down class neglect to get chance prompt end of their
understudy profession since they can’t bear the cost of private university. We
likewise observe sex disparity in our general public which the imbalance
amongst men and ladies as far as riches, salary, and status. For instance male
are typically the provider in our general public and is if any ladies,
particularly from customary family, need to go outside for procuring is
adversely endorsed. Abnormality can be characterized as an infringement of
social standards and qualities, for instance taking natural products from
neighbors cultivate is aberrance. All wrongdoing is abnormality however all
aberrance isn’t a wrongdoing. Division of work is separating the creation
procedure into various parts with the goal that the laborer can have some
expertise in that specific procedure to increment.


In this motion picture ‘Praktan’ we can see achievement
gap in Malini’s life, as she was working a bookkeeping firm yet she needed to
left her activity after the introduction of her first tyke. We likewise observe
sexual orientation segregation in Ujan’s character as he is continually ruling
on Sudipta which is seen in many segments of the motion picture, Ujan checks
Sudipta’s cellphone without her assent, he additionally asserts that her
telephone is his property yet checking individual messages are a rupture of
individual protection. Ujan likewise goes about as a provider and at whatever
point Sudipta tries to add to her family she got negative authorizing, as her
wage isn’t that vital for their family. We saw disparity in one Sudipta’s
statement “When we are sleeping having intercourse, do you ever ask me
whether I need to start things out? No. Since you are the men, and you
generally accept you will be first.” In another segment of the motion picture
when Sudipta will see her Dad in Mumbai Ujan revealed to her that she requires
consent additionally in the event that she needed to go then Ujan will get her
the ticket. Despite the fact that this sort of states of mind towards lady is
ordinary in the customary working class family however for a cutting edge
instructed free lady is a male centric issue and separation.


In this film we additionally observe observational
learning procedure of a youngsters, in the earliest reference point of the film
subsequent to boarding on to the prepare Malini called her relative to let her
think about her present status, while she was talking her little girl Putul
watched and rehash the entire discussion which exhibits how kids learn
imperative abilities like subjective, etymological, open and different esteems
and standards and how those social operators play their role. We saw the
utilization of casual authorizing by Ujan to his first spouse Sudipta, at
whatever point she breaks customary standards and qualities she got negative
endorsing to control and exercise control over her. Ujan additionally gives
positive authorizations to his second spouse Malini by surrendering her
unexpected meet and he likewise remunerated her with a birthday cake for her as
she is keeping up their family extremely well. Ujan himself got positive authorizing
from various daily paper office on account of his devotion, enthusiasm, and
love of social legacy and for his calling.

In conclusion I might want to state that the motion
picture “praktan” had shown us numerous things about existence and how to
proceed onward in our life. Relational unions have good and bad times yet it
shows us numerous things about modern society. Many question emerges like was
the husband wrong or the wife. Should the wife be all the more trading off or
should the husband be more understanding. Despite moving into the cutting edge
age there are as yet deficient with regards to that individuals faces as far as
understanding. Social pressure, family weight which require more opportunity to



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