Singapore Airlines Accidents

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Last updated: May 7, 2019

Before October 31, 2000, Singapore Airlines had never had a crash on its carrier. It stood as an industry leader and innovator that set safety and service above everything else. SIA started as part of Malayan Airways.

On January 26, 1971, both Malaysian and Singapore governments decided to set up separate national airlines, and on October 1, 1972, Singapore Airlines took to the skies. Since then, SIA has becomes one of the top international airlines in the industry. By 1979, in became the ninth largest airline in the world, up from the 57th position before separating from MAS.The excellent track record by the airline was intentional.

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The airlines commitment to quality and service can be seen from all parts of its operations. The strategy decided on by the airlines was based on its in-flight service. SIA has always maintained that when an air ticket has been paid for, customers should not have to pay additional fees. With this idea in mind SIA tried to position itself as the best in service, quality, and value in market segment of the international airline industry. The quality of food and beverage service on SIA flights in outstanding.

Passengers on n SIA flight can expect to be served with the best food of any airline. Cocktails and fine wines are free and often of very good quality. On average, SIA spends about $20 per passenger for food and service in the economy class, $40 in business class and $50 in first class. For first class, there is always a choice of four entrees and unlimited champagne.

Dom Perignon, the very best champagne is served. SIA’s on- demand- in-flight entertainment keeps boredom away during long-haul flights. The Kris World interactive entertainment system puts the airline in the forefront with a personal screen.The company created the Singapore Girl as an icon the represent what the airline offers. The Singapore girl strongly represents the company’s emphasis on customer service. Even though the Singapore Girl is the face of SIA the cabin crew is about 40% male. Each crew trainee goes through four months of rigorous training. Every two years, crew members are retrained to update their skills.

Such training emphasizes safety and encompasses beauty tips, discussions of gourmet food and fine wines, and the art of conversation. SIA has the youngest fleet of aircraft in the world with an average aircraft age at 4. years. This translates to lower maintenance and fuel costs for the airline, and is seen by passengers as a sign of safety, punctuality, and comfort. In 1996, SIA was named as the world’s most profitable airline.

On October 31, 2000, Flight SQ006, departing from Chiang Kai-shek airport in Taipei, changed forever the flawless flying record SIA so proudly held. Eleven seconds after takeoff, at 1 1 p. m.

, about 3930 ft. into the takeoff roll, the aircraft’s undercarriage hit construction equipment and came crashing down. The plane broke into three parts and immediately caught fire. According the Mr.Kay Yong, Managing Director of unway he took off from was 5R”. Runway 5R was supposed to be closed for repairs. The pilot says that the center light of the runway was lit, which would indicate that the runway was not closed. As one of the pilots asks for confirmation as he was turning onto runway 5R, he for a positive confirmation, leading him to believe that he was on the correct runway.

A few seconds after the engines charged the pilot noticed a black object in his flight path. He tried to avoid it by pulling the stoke to lift the plane. Instead, it slammed into construction equipment and exploded.

Fires engulfed the plane as fast as lightning. The cabin was filled with chaos as passengers scrambled to flee from the ignited airplane. SQ006 was on its way to Los Angeles with 159 passengers on board. There were also 20 crew member on the aircraft, making the total number of people on board 179. The tragedy caused 83 fatalities, 56 were injured, and 40 people escaped unscathed. All 3 pilots survived.

There were many unclear factors surrounding the cause of the crash. Pilot, Capt. Foong Chee Kong had 11,235 hours of flight time so he was very well experienced for the flight.Many speculate that runway did not have enough signage to indicate that the runway was nactive.

The closure of the Runway 05R should have been indicated in the notices to Airmen and in the AT’S. So another question was raised whether or not the crew had this information. Two years after the crash, more than two dozen survivors and next of kin began seeking higher compensation from SIA in Singapore’s High court. Despite the effects of the crash and its subsequent courtroom cases, SIA was able to maintain its position as one of the world’s most admired companies. Promptly after the crash Singapore Airlines created CMC in its headquarters.At first, the Airline was ot honest with the public and revealed inaccurate information by saying that the crash had experienced no casualties.

During a press conference a Singaporean man barged into the new conference and demanded the airline to tell the truth. He said that he had learned about his brother’s death only from the new on television and that he had not gotten any information from the airline. Families were outraged as they had learned the fate of their loved ones more from the media than from the airline itself. SIA openly took responsibility for the crash and assumed to take care of victims and next of kin.After the outburst of the Singaporean man all conferences went smoothly.

SIA provided daily updates about the crash to the media through press releases. Survivors of the crash of SQ006 retold how they saw the B 747 ablaze as it sat broken on the tarmac. As the fire blazed, a typhoon was approaching Taiwan. Emergency workers dashed out into the pouring rain and winds gusted up to 102mph. It was said that rescue efforts were poor because firemen were not properly trained to double as paramedics.

The crash of SQ006 gave SIA difficulties in carrying out public relations to show good will for itself.


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