Six assistant manager in your store. You have

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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Six months ago, Lori Besnick began working asassistant manager in your store. You have rated her highly in her performancereports and I was impressed with her qualifications when I met her shortlyafter his hiring. I would like to take a moment, however, to talk about hisbehavior at your store. I recently received two letters from female employeesat your store concerning issues they have with Ms.

Besnick. Both women reportinappropriate comments and behavior by Ms. Besnick towards other femaleemployees.

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They said that she speaks to and about women in a highlydisrespectful manner. They also report that she has extended unsupervisedvisits with her boyfriend in the store room. Several employees have reported that she is often distracted at work,and does not follow up with customers. The letters were anonymous, so we cannotspeak to the women individually to investigate their claims. Such behavior creates an inhospitable work environmentwhich can cause good employees to quit. I have distributed a memo to employeesregarding this type of behavior as a general reminder to all, but you mustinvestigate these accusations further.

Conducting quiet, confidentialinterviews with employees will allow you to assess the validity of the claimspresented.  It is vital that we supportour customers.  It is part of our companycode and violation of this may result in employee termination.  If anyone has been disrespectful towardsother employees or customers, then they must be reprimanded in accordance withour company policy.  Interviews and reprimands may be tedious, but theywill protect the working environment employees.

Cleaning up any offensivelanguage or behavior will help boost morale and create a professionalenvironment.  It will also help toimprove employee morale and present a more professional front to customers.  Swift resolution ofthis matter will create an immediate improvement in employee morale and willhelp your store to run more smoothly and comfortably. Please start yourinvestigations as soon as possible so that this situation can be resolvedquickly. Let’s discuss progress and further steps during my next visit to yourstore in one week.


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