Slavery of the United States. There were

Slavery is a very powerful word, but is best known to be one of the greatest addition to the history of the United States. There were many different races of slaves and  persons who perform duties for others in the Americans, but there was a special race that was very discriminated and were the African Americans. Although Black people were the ones that were very popular choice among the other slaves because they make the low cost and best labor were the most discriminated people in the Americans.
     The Freedmen’s Bureau was establish or created by the United States congress near the end of the civil war as a organization to deal with the biggest humanitarian crisis that was bringing the war, commanded or led by the General Oliver O. Howard. Therefore this organization was supported by military forces and the ones that were employee were originally from the civil war soldiers. This organization was created to help and protect slaves from legal, social or political restrictions in their transition from slaves to becoming a slavery freedom, they were also supporting the white slaves that were poor in the south area. The south was the most devastated side during the war, cities and towns were destroyed. The economic system was nearly not existing at all, many railroads were destroyed and farms too. Near the end of the civil war, on March 3,1865, the congress created the Bureau of refugees, Freedmen and abandoned lands. Best known as the Freedmen’s Bureau, it was recognized inside the war department in July 1866.
      Many problems were occurring with the slaves, they were coming from war, they didn’t have a place to go because most likely they destroyed their homes and people started to panic out. Four million recently slaves were faced with new realities of life saying that many of the slaves were mostly uneducated and unable to read and write, so the organization was making sure to set up schools to educate former slaves. Feeding people was a problem so they started distributing food because many people were starving. The Freedmen’s Bureau was supported by the president Abraham Lincoln, moderate Republicans in the congress and members of the abolitionist movement. The Freedmen’s  Bureau was extremely making its goal because they only employed 900 agents and lacked enough funds to make their goal. Even though they were making it’s best, many additional support was coming for them. Teachers were establishing some effective and interesting educational programs and making religious institutions that help others like a charity. 
Many of the success they were having was thanks to the help of many missionaries and charities who were proving medical support, food and education. But they were also helping people to get together with their family, negotiating labor contracts and legalizing some marriages that were from ex slaves. Not everything is full of flowers the organization also received many people that didn’t support them. Organizations from south Ku Klux Klan were changing many agents mind for not helping them, they were finding agents were honest and honorable but at the end the results were that they were corrupt. So even though they were making the best to make a change on this organization they also have many people that didn’t agree with them, they wanted to have more slave and didn’t want to free people. 
       They wanted that this organization will at least last during the civil war but this lasted like four years more. During all the disasters the bureau founded over 4000 schools that were able to make elementary till college, making people have free education and free textbooks that help them study. White southerners did not agree with these type of social activities because they thought black people were not capable of absorbing educational things. Even though Bureau was not forever it was a short time, it played a critical role in defending the slaves, they wanted freedom for them and this organization make freedom for four million former slaves. 
     Freedmen’s Bureau was the best for those slaves, meaning that they were having the opportunity for getting freedom and having back their families. Nobody deserves to be a slave, nobody deserves to be treated like a slave. Everybody in this life has the chance to be who they want to be. This people pass many days starving, without a bed and knowing nothing about their family but there is always angels that help them to move on and to tell them they are for them. People making there best for giving education for them, having the patient of telling them how to do the things, thanks to them African Americans that were slave got the opportunity to have education, clothing and food

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