Small-Business for Department of Homeland Security contracts,

Small-Business Preference
Small-Business Preference
Small-business organizations are defined in the United States as companies, which are privately owned and have few employees. These businesses are provided with opportunities by the government to expand through preferential tax policies, which exempt the businesses from certain tax rates and opportunities to access government contracts (McVay, 2017). The United States government also provides financial assistance to these businesses with the Small Business Act of 1953 addressing some of the challenges and barriers faced by these businesses, which may negatively impact them (McVay, 2017). As a service-disabled veteran competing for Department of Homeland Security contracts, there are some programs, which should be considered as they may have a positive impact on the small businesses (McVay, 2017).
Specific Programs Created By Congress That May Benefit the Business
There are different programs created by the congress meant to benefit small businesses through preference regulations and other opportunities to enable the growth of small business companies (McVay, 2017). These programs will be beneficial to the company in gaining a competitive advantage in the national market where other big players are also competing. One of the programs is Small Disadvantaged Business Program, which was started in October 2008 (McVay, 2017). This program makes it not a mandatory for small businesses to submit an application to be recognized as small business organizations rather businesses can register as small disadvantaged business based on the eligibility requirements (McVay, 2017).

This program will benefit small disadvantaged business by enabling them to participate in small disadvantaged business incentive subcontracting programs. This will benefit a small disadvantaged company through access to federal subcontracts (Bean, 2015). A second program created by the congress which may benefit a small business firm is the HUBZone Program which is a program meant to encourage the development of small businesses in business zones which have been underutilized in the past (Bean, 2015). This program may benefit a small business in an unfavorable environment to access contract opportunities from the federal government. This will provide an opportunity for small businesses to grow and develop (Bean, 2015).
Small business programs implementing this program will gain a competitive advantage through federal contracting opportunities as well as price evaluation preference. A third program, which may benefit my business as a service-disabled veteran, is the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Program, which is a program under the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003 (Bean, 2015). This program is meant to address some of the challenges faced by service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. This program gives procurement agencies the authority to make certain awards to service-disabled veteran-owned small business based on certain conditions (Bean, 2015). This is meant to restrict competition to service-disabled veteran-owned small business by the provision of contract opportunities to these businesses (Bean, 2015).
Small-Business Programs Created By Congress And How They Will Benefit My Company Over Large Multinational Organizations That Build Aircrafts (e.g., Lockheed Martin)
The Small Disadvantaged Business Program mainly focuses on small businesses, which are disadvantaged in different aspects compared to large multinational organizations. This program is meant to ensure that small disadvantaged businesses have access to federal contracts, which will provide the businesses with opportunities to grow and develop (United States, 2013). Small business organizations may not be able to compete with large multinational organizations due to some of the requirements implemented for the awarding of federal contracts. However, the Small Disadvantaged Business Program is meant to ensure that the small business have opportunities to bid in federal contracts (United States, 2013). With the provision of these opportunities, my company will be able to compete and get federal contract awards, which would be difficult to access without these programs, which provide the company with the opportunity to expand and develop (United States, 2013).
The HUBZone Program focuses on underutilized areas where small business may not have the opportunities to compete in federal contracts (Powers & Simons, 2012). This act is meant to empower small business organizations in historically underutilized areas by creating incentives, which will enable the United States government to provide federal contracts to small business in these regions (Powers & Simons, 2012). These regions have economic needs, which may restrict small business organizations to access the federal government contract opportunities. This program will enable small business in economically disadvantaged areas to access financial opportunities, which will empower the businesses to compete with other large multinational organizations (Powers & Simons, 2012).
This is because limited financial resources are one of the limiting factors, which restrict small business organizations to compete fairly with large multinational organizations (Powers & Simons, 2012). The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Program will help small business organizations to access financial resources by enabling small business organizations to participate in federal contracts (United States, 2013). This program also restricts competition to the service-disabled veteran-owned businesses where contradicting officers may award a contract to a sole service-disabled veteran-owned business if there is evidence of no other qualified service-disabled veteran-owned business (United States, 2013).. This will provide a competitive advantage to a small business over other large multinational organizations, which must competitively compete for federal contracts (United States, 2013).
Bean, J. J. (2015). Big government and affirmative action: The scandalous history of the Small Business Administration. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky.

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