So When the French Revolution began he seemed

So talking about Kerensky, first of all he graduated at St. Petersburg university where he became really interested on revolutionary ideas, he soon became involved in politics and became a Doma which was a group concentrated on protecting the poor and oppressed from the Romanov dynasty, and became a lawyer.   When the French Revolution began he seemed to dismantled the monarchy and became vice chairman and also a minister, he was only capable of this because he was part of Duma. With this part we began to start talking about rights, with his political figures he used his position to institute basic civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equal rights for women, making him one of the most known political figures, this is directly stating that he actually contributed to giving the people of Russia common human rights, but he soon makes mistakes due to an obsession with the war, while he wanted to stay at war, huge amounts of citizens actually begged for him to retreat but got ignored. “In May, when a public uproar over the announcement of Russia’s war aims (which Kerensky had approved) forced several ministers to resign, Kerensky was transferred to the posts of minister of war and of the navy and became the dominant personality in the new government.

” Says the encyclopedia britannica, which shows his obsessions towards seeking more power and a revolution. Then he attacked with the June Offensive but it was a complete failure, failing to boost up moral in his troops but failing, and also not training them with certain standards gave very poor soldier quality. soon after he fled to Europe after being hidden from June, 1917 to May, 1918, then he became a writer and published about his revolutionary experiences, after some years he moved permanently to America becoming a teacher at universities while also writing. With all of this we see that Kerensky actually started on a good position, seeking the freedom of the people and actually delivering soon after we can say he went “off the rails” and started to concentrate on political benefits neglecting the citizens but once it all failed he went back and gave back to the community.

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His last wife was Lydia Ellen Tritton (1899-1946) she was a journalist and public speaker and was born on 19 September 1899 in East Brisbane. When she was 26 years old she traveled to London before she knew Kerensky, His first husband was Nicholas Alexander Nadejine a 43-years-old singer and former officer in the White Russian Army after some time Nicholas met Kerensky as the same Nell and they felt in love, Nell and Kerensky were married at Martins Creek, Pennsylvania. In 1940 they left New York in at the end of September 1939 .



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