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Soccer, commonly known as either ‘football’ or ‘association football’, is an internationally recognized sport. It traces back to almost two thousand years ago from Ancient China but much debate has risen within many countries proclaiming the sport was actually originated by them.

During the 19th Century of the United Kingdom, soccer was developed into the modernized game known today by establishing systematic rules and soon after becoming one of the most prominent sports being played in the entire world. This sport has always been a peak interest of mine ever since I was younger, due to my father always watching the major games such as Fifa on the television. The most memorable team I remember cheering for is Barcelona due to them constantly being in the lead and learning they were and still are the best team so far according to many and myself. Countries with teams such as the Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus are usually amongst the leaderboard and this results in is heavy celebrations within their countries. This taught me that there are fans of all ages and areas of the world that idolize this sport.

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My interests continued throughout elementary school and during lunch breaks, I would play soccer with my friends on the fields in co-ed teams. Although, it wasn’t until the eighth grade I tried out for the junior girls soccer team, in which I was accepted and trained properly. My position included either the right or midfielder, I enjoyed this position due to the intense running distances but unfortunately I haven’t participated in the sport since last year when we were taught it during the physical education unit. In my opinion, Similarly to most sports, there is a certain complexity to soccer with a long list of rules. It is a team sport that is played with two opposing teams of eleven players; forwards, strikers, midfielders, wings, defenses and goalies.

The objective of the game is to win by scoring more goals than the opponent after the approximate ninety minutes of overall gameplay period. Whilst playing, the most essential rules are as follows; using absolutely no hands or any body parts apart from the feet, chest and head and if a player does touch the ball, on purpose or accidentally, a penalty is given. The referee’s word is always correct and shouldn’t be questioned. Kick-off is determined by the flip of a coin and the team is able to choose whether they’d like to play or choose the goal side they prefer. A throw-in occurs when a player kicks it out of bounds therefore losing possession of the ball and in which the other team is able to throw-in the ball from where it went out from.

There are two cards given by fouls, yellow and red, yellow cards aren’t as bad as the red because if you receive a red card, you must be pulled from the field. There are many more rules that a player must know thoroughly to play in a proper game of soccer. There are also guidelines to the type of uniform they are expected to be worn. Team members are all given the exact same jersey with varying numbers with shin guards, knee high socks and cleats, excluding the goalie who usually receives a slightly different jersey and additional gloves.


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