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Social Media Marketing and Sentimental Analysis
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IntroductionNow a days, the world is driven more technologically that every step of business aspects are using social networking sites as a medium to attract the customers CITATION Hol13 l 1033 (Paquette, 2013). The major reason for the establishment of social media marketing is the usage of internet as a routine throughout the world. There are various methods of usage like mobile applications and social media surfing which makes easier for any business organization to reach their target customers easily. The firms using social media as a marketing tool need to improve their customer relationship management CITATION Noz14 l 1033 (Erragcha & Rromdhane, 2014).The aim of this Paper is to Study what is social media marketing and what are the sentimental methods to analyze the marketing strategies.

The objective that are accomplished are 1. To understand social media, 2. To gain knowledge on marketing using social media, 3. To know about sentimental analysis, 4. To know the methods of sentimental analysis.

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Social Media
It is a platform which provides an opportunity to share information through networks and virtual communities. It is an effective way of marketing tool for every firm ranging from small scale to large scale CITATION Lak171 l 1033 (V, Mahboob, & Choudhary, 2017).

Social Media Marketing
The movement of strategic focus of market from product centric to customer centric the need for change in traditional marketing strategy should be improvised such that there is interactive elements in the market strategy CITATION Git18 l 1033 (Heggde & Shainesh, 2018). This made firms think of using social media for marketing which offers opportunity for customers to build sustainable bonds CITATION Cha18 l 1033 (Kalpana & Dhyani Praveen, 2018). It also enables good brand promotions by encouraging the positive talk of the brand among customers.

Sentiment analysisStudy that analyses the opinions, appraisals, emotions for the events and their attributes because they are they play key role while any person makes a decision CITATION MEd16 l 16393 (Edison & Aloysius, 2016). Opinion Mining or Data Mining are the other names for Sentiment analysis. This analysis makes use of object and feature, opinion holder, opinion and orientation for collecting sentiment CITATION Sou17 l 16393 (Dorle & Pise, 2017). This is a Natural Language Processing (NLP). There are three methods of application of based on
Supervised Machine Learning techniqueCITATION Has14 l 16393 (Rahmath & Tanvir, 2014).

Lexicon Based technique and
The combination of above two techniques.

Levels of Opinion MiningThere are three levels of opinion mining such as
Document level, which is a single review classification of any topic. This is not very suitable for web logs and forums CITATION Abh15 l 16393 (Kaushik, Kaushik, & Naithan, 2015). This type involves the role of subjectivity/objectivity arrangement importantly.
Sentence level, where polarity of every sentence is considered. Here the subjective sentences carry opinion words CITATION Sou17 l 16393 (Dorle & Pise, 2017). Positive and negative polarity classification takes place after the sentiment words aid determine the sentiment related an entity.

Phrase level, which is a much more pinpointed approach for opinion mining. Here the phrases with opinion words are considered.

There are also other classification levels, which come as hierarchy to the opinion mining.

ConclusionSentiment analysis is a key aspect for business firms to improve their products and in the decision-making. This paper gave a brief explanation on what is social media and social media marketing. The brief explanation of sentiment analysis and levels of it is given.

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