Yojimbo: the Japanese amidst Western World and Archetypes

Yojimbo is a 1961 Japanese sword-fight film by Akira Kurosawa, featuring Toshiro Mifune as the nameless protagonist. The plot revolves around a ronin (wandering or master less samurai) who gets into a small town. He finds out that the place is being ruled by two gambling warlords, Seibei and Usitora, and he sees this as an opportunity to […]

Foucault and the Panopticon

The storyline of the book, Discipline and Punish discusses the history of the penal system that exists today. He also takes the opportunity to focus on how it has changed from decades before and what factors have contributed to such a drastic change. Foucault also uses his ideas of power and discourse to debate how they have both […]

What was the most important point about the history of corrections in your mind

The advent of the penitentiary was perhaps the most important occurrence in the history of corrections or penology. Clear et al (2005) observe that galley slavery, imprisonment, transportation, corporal punishment, and death constituted the main practices in corrections from the Middle Ages to the American Revolution. The Enlightenment brought about a focus on humanism and how the good […]

The Constitutional Basis for Slavery

That the framers of the American constitution avoided making any definitive proclamation regarding the institution of slavery is generally regarded to  have been facilitated by the infamous “Three-fifths Compromise,” which is acknowledged by most constitutional scholars as one of the most significant aspects of the constitutional convention and the ultimate implementation of the American form of representational democracy. […]

The Conclusion of Guilt

The many different works of Edgar Allan Poe all aim to do one thing. Strike fear into the heart of the reader. Simple, yet effective, he expresses fear through these many different themes and motifs. In many of Poe’s works he describes the evil drive in men to kill and commit sin. He likes to focus on the […]

“A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell

I, Mrs. Martha Hale, have proven that I could learn from others’ or own mistake. I have also realized the importance of doing something to solve a problem even if it appears too late, useless or helpless. I have evolved from a typical character of a woman in the early times – quiet, follower, tolerant, and submissive but […]


The soccer team was in trouble. The opposing team had had their mascot assaulted by a set of individuals that pelted him with rotten oranges. Of course the team under suspicion was our soccer team as we had just suffered a great loss and had run a in with the mascot on the field.The mascot that was assaulted […]

Sling Blade

The film “Sling Blade” can be defined as an impressive drama which raises the question of morality. Actually, the film makes people think whether a person who has committed serious crime would do that again? Should a person be forgiven or condemned by society? “Sling Blade” is the directorial debut of Billy Bob Thornton as both writer and […]

Mr. Jones

Recently you were the victim of a theft committed by Mr. Jones.  Burglary is the first crime committed by Mr. Jones.   He has been gainfully employed for the past 8 years, but was recently laid off from his job.  He has been seeking gainful employment, but has been unable to find it.  During this period, Mr. Jones […]

Stateless societies

A few scholars would argue that stateless societies imply lack of proper law and order mechanism, while some other scholars would suggest that there was a particular system of maintaining law and order even in the stateless societies.In the stateless societies, one may not find the centralized law enforcing authorities that are noticeable in the modern times. Stateless […]


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