Zola’s Novel ‘The Drinking Den’

Zola’s book ‘the drinking den’ is not just an artistic piece of literature but it is a creative piece of work that portrays its characters in a vivid way. The book’s title that is translated from French means the working class bar. This sends a beforehand meaning thus making the book easy to comprehend. The author sets his […]

Death Penalty Should Not Be Scrapped

Death penalty is a hot topic. It has become very controversial since it deals with human life. Some argue that the death penalty is justice served while some argue that it is never justified to kill a human being for a crime committed.Many have argued that death penalty does not deter crime which makes it senseless to be […]

Why Men Get Involved in More Criminal Activities than Women

The deceit underlying feminist claims even become more obvious when we examine the statistics of judicial gender inequality. According to the U.S Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics (www.ojp. usdoj.gov/crimoff .html) as of July 11, 1999, the lifetime chances of a person going to prison are higher for men (9%) than for women (1.1%). The male arrest-rate […]


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