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In Germany and France, nationalism was powerful. After the unification of  Germany in 1871, The Germans were pleased with their new empire’s military power and industrial leadership. One factor that led to World War I was the unification of Germany and the balance of power in  Europe. In 1871,  Italy and Germany unified their states. Germany instantly began […]

The American Civil war is

  The American Civil war is one of the biggest happenings in Americas history and was fought from 1861 to 1865 in the United States. It was a result of different things, slavery, economy, abolitionist movement and the underground railroad is some of them. There were many reasons why the soldiers fought. Some fought on moral ground. Either […]

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Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, then allow me to take you on a journey to Europe’s Italy! Italy is a country full of many magnificent things. But specifically, it is full of culture, history, and religion! Culture is a very important part of Italy. In Italy they speak Italian but most everyone knows […]

Nora 120 hours of community service, two years

 Nora CarpenterBensonPeriod 71/02/18Novel Write Up    The book I chose to read was The Run Of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson by Jeffrey Toobin. The book is 496 pages and was published by Random House in 1996. This book relates to the topic of crime in sports because O.J. Simpson was a former NFL running back […]

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Did you already understand what your dream meant? Here are 12 most common nightmares and the meaning behind it ________________________________________ 2. snakes   about Having a snake in your dreams has many meanings. The most common is self-transformation and healing as snakes lose skin. It could also mean that you are in a difficult situation in the present. […]

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Beverley McLachlin is a significant individual in the Canadian legal system. In 1989, she became the first woman in Canada to ever be chosen as chief justice in the Supreme Court.  McLachlin’s most significant contributions were that she strengthened the Canadian law with grace and stability by dealing with fast evolving judicial issues, directing the Supreme Court of […]

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My name is Sajjad Naseer. I have done Bachelor of Arts from EDWARDES College Peshawar Cantt, Pakistan. With the awareness of journalism I want to learn how can I work as Journalist in any reputed Organization because my aim is to get good Career in Pakistan after the completion of my studies and there are many organizations which […]

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Orexin Orexin is a neuropeptide and neurons that respond to orexin found in the hypothalamus. It helps in sleep wake cycle. There is an increased levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in hypothalamus with the activation of these neurons and also there is an increase in histamine levels. There are many studies which show that a defect in orexin […]

Studying short stories such as the “A Short

Studying history in the contemporary world is highly dependent on the type of approach one chooses; whether historiographical, theoretical or based on short stories such as the “A Short Introduction” by the professor of History at East Anglia University, John H. Arnold. This paper will analyze this book and outline the various qualities and practices that John Arnold […]

Arthur individualistic beliefs. Throughout the play characters

Arthur Miller, presents in The Crucible the theme that conforming to society’s idealistic standards thereby leads to the destruction of individualistic beliefs. Throughout the play characters preserved their life by lying and therefore admitting to having ‘relations with the devil’. Which indicates conforming with the church’s belief. Or dying through silence, which preserves one’s individualistic beliefs. Miller develops […]


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