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Introduction: Throughout history, Christians debated whether they should or should not go to war. There are many different views and theories. The most are Pacifism theory and Just War theory. (Salvatore) There are also other views including “Nonresistance” view and “Preventive War” views. (Barrick)  Pacifism Theory: “A pacifist is someone who believes that under no circumstances is war […]

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In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain exhibits a young boy, Huck Finn, who significantly changes his views regarding society; but most notably his perspective on slavery. Due to his separation from ‘sivilization’, Twain creates Huck’s character to represent the “savage” subgroup of society, as he refuses to adopt the traditional Southern views. Because Huck’s adult figure, Miss […]

The scene is set in the year 2027 while the second Civil War istearing through the entire world. Emphasized in the film V forVendetta, the United States had an epidemic of the “St. Mary’sVirus” and now has touched down in Europe. The political power in the United Kingdom is now declared as the”Norsefire”.   This imagineddictatorship’s Leader, alias the Head, […]

Gods Must Be Crazy

REACTION about “The Gods must be crazy” When I watched the movie clip, I saw the difference between the ethnic group/ Bushman and civilized people. In the beginning the clip shows us that at the time of the Bushman, all was simple, dainty and fair. There is no sign of evil (jealousy, anger, etc. ,). They live contentedly […]

My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding: A Study on Cultural Sociology

The amazing popularity of the movie that many had, prior to its release, dismissed, came as a surprise. Its success, I believe, is a result of the cultural diversities in this country, and the resonant chord it struck with all races and their respective idiosyncrasies, if you will. What was the movie about? It revolved around a Greek […]

Elly Bulkin

In the essay of Elly Bulkin; Breaking a Cycle, she detailed how we are in constant struggle with anti-Semitism and racism in our daily lives. She narrated how unfortunate it was that there is constant struggle to live at par despite the walls of religion race and other differences. It has been duly expressed that it is a […]


Madness leaks out of 19th century literature and most abundantly in Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea in the exploration Bertha. Madness with the idea of animality, and in terms of its description and behavior will be interpreted as it applies to Bertha Mason. As a support of this madness, the dissection of the social views of Bertha, or Antoinette […]

What it Means to be a Global Citizen

There is indeed too much diversity in our world today. Different races, various cultures, divided geographies and opposing beliefs separate each state or country from each other. The world is a very diverse place with a little hope to for global unity. Countries fight over territories. Leaders battle over power. Governments take advantage of their constituents. Racism raises […]


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