Celia, a Slave

Celia, a Slave is the epitome of the relationship between slaves and their owners and also the slaves and other whites in the 1850’s. This is based on her interactions with her owner Robert Newsom and her reactions mainly with the community involved in her court case. These relationships affected more so the women slaves rather than the […]

Civil War

History &136 – Fall 2010 Essay on What They Fought For, 1861-1865 Length: 3-4 Pages (Double-Spaced) Purpose: For this assignment, you will read a secondary source document and write an analytical essay that interprets it. The assignment is intended to develop your analytical and writing skills and will also familiarize you with the conventions of writing in history. […]

Pros and Con's Ww1

PRO’S and CON’s For starters, the Paris Peace Treaty that ended WWI causing subjecting Germany to ruinous financial penalties and limited what they could do in the way of rearming themselves to, say, protect themselves from Russia. The outcome of this treaty started the settlement which elaborated in the peace treaties included payment of war reparations, commitment to […]

Joseph like to escape seeing. Then in the

Joseph Tamer5th hour ShakespeareSonnet 66The long walk of man is full of landmines,Each step of possibility no more.No thought nor care leads many to demise,And so tiresome is this endless war. Clouds of wickedness do block out the sun,Time to time all the same falls vile rain.Earth a castle, does evil overrun.The good soldiers here lie on the […]

Epithet Chart for Homers Odyssey, Robert Fagles

The Odyssey Epithet Chart for Major Characters/Gods and Goddesses As you read the Odyssey list all the epithets you find for the following characters. Cite Book and line number CharacterEpithet – Book and line # ____________________________________________________________ ____________ Odysseus: -“the man of twists and turns” (I. 1) -“Great Odysseus” (I. 228) -“King Odysseus” (I. 456) -“godlike man” (II. 261) […]

Roman systems elsewhere in the world. Romans have

Roman law was very influential in the development of law throughout Western civilization and some parts of the East. These influences continue to be seen in present day legal systems. It has formed the basis for law codes in the majority of countries of continental Europe as well as legal systems elsewhere in the world. Romans have handed […]

This you can´t rely on family, you cannot

This theme was easy to identify throughout the novel because in the turmoils and conflicts in the book, everyone had to trust each other. Loyalty was a very important theme for this novel because all the main characters had to lean on one another to make it through the battles and family issues that arises, and if you […]

Journeys : Life Is Beautiful (Roberto Begnini)

As a result of studying journeys, the concept that I once related with the theme of journeys has changed and expanded. The sources that were studied and analyzed all expressed views or demonstrated the key aspects of journeys. Through the study of these poems, film and text my perception of this topic which before was blunt and physical, […]

The but later defeated Greece and Yugoslavia. Germany

The war in the eastern front started when Adolf Hitler asked Joseph Stalin to help him attack Poland. The two countries destroyed Poland. Russia decided to attack Finland, Romania, and the Baltic States after while Germany wanted to attack France, and attack France they did. Germany crushed France’s inferior army. Germany choose to not attack Great Britain, but […]

IntroductionThe 1914 and provoked by the assassination of

IntroductionThe Treaty of Versailles was one of the most monumental treaties of the early 20th century and was influential in dissolving World War I. World War I began in 1914 and provoked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. World War I was one of the most obliterating wars in the history of the modern world. […]


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