Birth of Social Philosophy

It rises in the second half of the XIX Century, in some European countries, and a little later in the United States and other countries. For some, Social Psychology appeared in 1859, along with the revised edition of “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” by Steintahl and Lazarus. This magazine puts Social Psychology as a branch of psychology bourgeois. For others, […]

Themes in 'Arms and the Man' by Bernard Shaw

The title “Arms and the Man” derives from the opening lines of the popular epic of Virgil, “Aeneid” : “I sing of Arms and the Man” However, as Virgil highly praises war as described by its heroes, Shaw’s aim in writing “Arms and the Man” is to provide a more realistic picture of war and to remove all […]

Rise of English

UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND ELECTRONIC RESERVE UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 WARNING This material has been copied and communicated to you by or on behalf of the University of New England pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under […]

Joseph born to live in poverty. He then

Joseph Tamer5th hour ShakespeareSonnet 66The long walk of man is full of landmines,Each step of possibility no more.No thought nor care leads many to demise,And so tiresome is this endless war.Clouds of wickedness do block out the sun,Time to time all the same falls vile rain.Earth a castle, does evil overrun.The good soldiers here lie on the ground […]

The In the Aftermath or Late Photography, the

The recenttechnological invention of cheap Smartphones with decent cameras, theavailability of cheap and fast internet in the mobile phones and the socialnetworking platforms allow almost everyone to become a “photojournalist”. Weare able to capture and share images and videos of a newsworthy event evenlive. Furthermore, professional photographers are still covering newsworthyevents. It is almost impossible not to find […]

Example research essay topic: Across Five Aprils – 477 words

I ASK YOU LEAV MY NAME SOME WHERE ON IT!! USE THSCAUS I LOOK ALL OVEAND FUND IT NO WHERE SO I HADTO DO IT!! Across Five April’s by Irene Hunt isabout how the civil war tears apart a familyduring the hard times of the civil war. The bookFollows the life of Jethro Creighton, a young farmboy in […]

Example research essay topic: A Killing Frost – 427 words

John Marsden’s A Killing Frost passes all three ofmy tests (and please forgive my purposefully hazyfocus on “good writing”, but I must have somequirks as a book reviewer!). Sensory detailpervades this novel of war, told from the point ofview of a teenager who, with her friends, becomesa partisan against an intractable enemy that hasinvaded her homeland. The homeland […]

Example research essay topic: A Separate Peace – 1,289 words

… and three acquaintances come into Gene andFinny’s dorm and pull them out. After they enteredthe Assembly Room, Brinker remarks, “You see howFinny limps.” This phrase was the beginning of hisplan to set the truth loose, or primarily breakthe friendship link between Finny and Gene.Brinker chose the Assembly Room as the setting forthis trial since there is nothing […]

Example research essay topic: Arnolfini – 1,407 words

An essay written by a renowned art historian,Erwin Panofsky, discusses the controversy over afamous painting. The disputation was over theidentification of the two people portrayed in thepainting. The painting was a portrait thought tobe Giovanni Arnofili and his wife, and the artistwas Jan van Eyck. Panofsky wrote this essay toprove that this painting found in 1815, which herefers […]

Example research essay topic: American Expansion – 689 words

American expansion to the Pacific was introducedto the people of the country by several differentmeans. The reasons for expansion did not excludePolitics, economy, nor society. Primarily thecontributions that that the rise of expansion canbe attributed to include Manifest Destiny, landhunger, suspicion of British intentions as well astrade opportunities. Each was valuable, some morethan others, to impel the wheels […]


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