Some without being programmed to do so explicitly.

Some people may wonder how thecomputer does some tasks that may seem difficult on the machine at firstglance, and others may seem impossible.

It could perform tasks self-remotelysuch as recognizing faces and handwriting as well as self-driving cars, movingrobots, sorting emails and many other applications. Over the past two decades the concept of Machine Learning has becomeone of the central components of information technology. This study helps todeal with any complicated tasks that cannot be solved by human. In other words,learning to complete a task, in order to make an accurate predictions for thefuture.The study of Machine Learning is classified as a major branch and asubfield of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Although it is a field withincomputer science. However, it differs from traditional computationalapproaches. And can be defined as the science that allows a computer to behavewithout being programmed to do so explicitly. Or, in other words, learns torespond to certain events in the right way in a self-contained manner withoutbeing explicitly informed by the programmer. This may seem strange at firstglance, especially, if problems arises when using a computer this is usuallyresolved through algorithmswhich are the building blocks for machine learning and AI. And these aredescripted as a series of instructions that are literally executed sequently toreach the desired solution, such as an algorithm that, for example, arranges aset of numbers ascending or descending. Nowadays, any computing users has gained a great advantage from theMachine learning technique in most of the sectors of the computer technology,such as the Optical character recognition (OCR) technology which changes theimages of a text into movable type one. And also, Recommendation engines that runsby machine learning.

In addition, Machine learning promises to enable computers to assisthumans in making sense of large, complex data setsThe main aim of machine learning generally is to understand theoverall structure of data and design models for the studied data that fits forthe models and then can be understood and utilized by people. One of thesubjects that Machine learning plays an important role with is This 



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