Spaceflight, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard. The firsthuman

Spaceflight, Space flight means the use of space technology to achievethe flight of spacecraft into and through outer space. A space flight begins witha launch which provides the force to push from the gravity which sends thespace craft to the surface of the earth.People began travelling to space in 1961 in small spacecrafts which are calledcapsules, which were launched from earth by using powerful rockets.How do humans survive in space?There is no availability of oxygen, water and many other human needs .So allthe air craft with crew carry a life – support system. This supplies air to breathe.This system also includes the equipment to keep the air at comfortabletemperature. This system also removes carbon dioxide and odours.AIRCRAFTS GENERALLY ALLOWING FOR SPACETRAVEL (HUMANFLIGHT):The first human flight was launched by the Soviet Union on 12 April 1961 asa part of the Vostok program, with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard. The firsthuman flight is made by Soviet Union (Russia) in 12 April 1961 and named asVostok1.Program Startdate NotesApollo program 1961 Brought first human to the MoonSkylab 1973 The crewed missions only took place in 1973 and 1974;first American space stationApollo–Soyuz TestProject 1975 Joint with Soviet Union (Now Russia)Shuttle-MirProgram 1995 Russian partnershipENTERTAINMENT AND FREE TIME IN SPACE:The astronauts can bring some of their own belongings with them. They canspend their leisure time in the same way that they are spending on Earth byreading their favourite books, listening to music, etc..Also, since the Earth and stars they're able to see from the Space Shuttle'swindows are so beautiful, the astronauts can spend their time by enjoying theview and taking pictures of stars planets etc..Living in space is not just doing only work and nothing to play. Astronauts liketo have fun, too. If you're staying on the International Space Station for a fewmonths, it is certainly okay to look out the window, play with your food or teaseyour crewmates once in a short time. Fun is an essential component to thequality of life.WHAT IS THE OUTER SPACE LIKE?? We usually don't notice, but also air have some weight, and it is held ontothe surface by the earth's gravity.? Higher than 400 km above the ground, where the International SpaceStation (ISS) is flying, there is almost no air. The state where no air ispresent is called as vacuum. And Space is a vacuum.? Generally, the altitudes of 100 km or above are considered as outer space.Where humans can’t live without spacesuit.? In the higher elevations, the amount of air is less. That is why the airbecomes less as higher as you go up. ? In a vacuum, humans cannot live without wearing a space suit. ? As the space a is vacuum there is no air to breathe in Space.

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