Standardized around since 1980 starting with TABS and

Standardized testing and sources
My policy topic I have chosen will be over standardized testing in Texas. Standardized testing in the state of Texas has been around since 1980 starting with TABS and has since evolved into the STAAR test (STAAR stands for “State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.”) The STAAR test is supposed to test students over reading, writing, math social studies, science etc. Over the years that STAAR has been around, there have been several incidents with scoring results, and test in general such not having the right answer or testing malfunctions. Supporters for standardized testing argue that testing is a great way to make sure students have the basic skills in order to join the workforce or receive a higher education. Supporters will also argue that having standardized testing will keep teachers accountable of what their teaching.
Those who are against standardized testing will argue that testing such as the STAAR has a negative impact on both students and teachers. For example, students who are either in the low income, minority, or disabilities bracket will tend to not pass and most likely not graduate. As for teachers, some will feel that they are teaching to the test not based on any literary depth and some schools offer teachers incentives to get the highest test scores. My sister who teaches in middle school has been told in recent years that her students are “just a number” and if she receives high enough scores, she could receive a raise. She believes that she is teaching solely strategies on how to take the test rather than actual literary content and that the test does not accurately measure her student’s skills.
I truly believe we should do away with standardized testing in Texas. Standardized testing puts a huge label on the student body that not everyone just fits under. By trying to make everyone equal, we are compromising equity. I plan to ask Governor Greg Abbott to abolish standardized testing and instead reform our public-school education sour youth can actually be prepared for the workforce, high education and even just life in general.

? “More standardized testing woes in Texas? A high-performing school says over 100 students got zeros on essays”: This article was published on June 7, 2018 being the most recent article. (5 points) It was written by Aliyya Swaby graduated from Yale and is a public education reporter (5 points) who writes for, (3 points) which is a pretty credible source that “engages Texas” in our states issues. Sometimes page can sway a little left. The information was not biased as it just explained what problems occurred this year during and after the 2018 STAAR test.(5 points)
Total:18 points
? “Standardized Tests Do Not Effectively Measure Student Achievement”: This is not too recent being published in 2012 (3 points), however it is a great article that explains why and how standardized testing does a “poor job of measuring student achievement.” (5 points)The authors are Phillip Harris (“executive director of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology”), Bruce M. Smith (“was a member of the editorial staff of the Phi Delta Kappan, the flagship publication of Phi Delta Kappa International, the association for professional educators”), and Joan Harris (“taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade and was recognized by the National Association for the education of Young children as the outstanding teacher of the year”) (5 points) Article was also found on the Gale Data base so it’s pretty reliable. (5 points)
Total: 18 points
? “Analysis: Texans hate standardized tests but govern by the results”: Another article from which is a pretty credible source that “engages Texans” in our states issues. (3 points) Sometimes page can sway a little left. This article was published April 13, 2018 so it’s also fairly recent. (5 points) It was written by Ross Ramsey who worked in Texas Government and also co-founded The Texas Tribune, (5 points) talked about the problems with standardized testing and how teacher, parents and students felt about standardized testing. (5 points)
Total:18 points
Works cited
. Swaby, Aliyya. “More Standardized Testing Woes in Texas? A High-Performing School Says over 100 Students Got Zeros on Essays.” The Texas Tribune, Texas Tribune, 7 June 2018,
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Ramsey, Ross. “Analysis: Texans Hate Standardized Tests, but Govern by the Results.” The Texas Tribune, Texas Tribune, 13 Apr. 2018,

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