Starting of America. Most of the northern people

Starting from what happened during the civil war we can say it all originated because of many differences between the free and the slave states due to the power of the national government to forbid slavery on the territories that had not become states yet. Abraham Lincoln won the election in 1860 and at a platform pledged to keep slavery off the territories.

When this happened seven slave states in the South seceded and created the Confederate States of America. Most of the northern people and the incoming Lincoln administration refused to distinguish the validity of secession. They were afraid that it would degrade democracy and establish a catastrophic authority that would eventually fragment the no longer US into several small countries. Consequentially after the Civil War the Reconstruction era was created and it was a very difficult and complicated time for the Southerns. Their land and territory was devastated and completely destroyed, their political institutions were occupied by outsiders. The economy was in development and their community was in disturbance. At this ambience the Ku Klux Klan was created and the Redeemers desired to restore the old South. There was a widespread physical damage in the south left from the war because most of it was fought in their territory.

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The damage was quickly repaired, by 1870 the transportation system had been virtually restores to prewar capacity. Manufacturing sector was small and the establishments in cities and towns were producing about 5% more output during this time than in 1860. Even agriculture which mostly dominated the southern economy seemed to have suffered no shortage of capital.The Freedmen’s Bureau was developed during the reconstruction period held after the American civil war. It’s popular name is the U. S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and abandoned lands, it was established by congress to contribute practical aid to 4,000,000 new free African Americans in their progress from slavery to freedom.

It was directed by Maj. gen. Oliver O. Howard, even though they had obstacles like inadequate funds and not completely trained person, it built hospitals and gave direct medical assistance to approximately more tan 1,000,000 freedmen.

Its greatest accomplishments were in education and less success was achieved in civil rights because their own courts were not well organized. In conclusion the civil war brought a lot of problems to the Southerners like territory destruction, hunger, lawlessness and violence. During the reconstruction the southern economy depended a lot on agriculture. Their main crop was not cotton anymore, there were additional industries added like textile mills.

At the same time the Freedmen’s Bureau was established and had a lot of success achieving their goal which was to help newly freedmen in their way out from slavery

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