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State of the Union 2018: A Political AnalysisReyna SanchezModesto Junior CollegeAuthor Note This paper was prepared for MPOLSC-101-7373, American Politics 101, taught by Teresa Kinney.State Of the Union 2018: A Political AnalysisEvery year the United States holds an annual meeting called the State of the Union. The importance of  this meeting is to have reports on the nation including its budgets, economy, and priorities. I personally think more Americans should give more attention to the State of the Union because it it gives a brief outline of the upcoming year. The rebuttal given is just as important to know considering it gives knowledge of opposing side’s plans. In the U.S. Constitution 1 , it states that the President is required to “give the Congress information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Like many other people, after watching the State of the union I have developed a few opinions of my own.Immigration has been a large focal point during President Trump’s run. Many people feel threatened due to his previous remarks making him very unpopular. President Trump’s speech during the 2018 State of the Union address both directly and indirectly targeted immigrants. One of my objections was when Trump stated that there was ” no better time for citizens to start living the American Dream.” I do agree that United States is the place to go to improve ones life, but there’s one thing I couldn’t quite grasp about this statement. Keyword: citizen. This statement appeared to have alienated non-citizens in an indirect manner. This was a head scratcher considering the whole concept of the American Dream was developed by immigrants. President Trump incorporated stories about gang violence to back up his opinion on criminals entering our country illegally. He does this to try to justify closing the southern border. Immigrants don’t only come from the southern border, and not every immigrant is a criminal. Just like immigrants, all Americans in general are seeking prosperity. I approve of Trump’s discussion on the economy and jobs. Trump mentioned new jobs were created in the manufacturing and automotive industries. He also mentioned that unemployment rates were at a low, specifically among the African-American and Hispanic groups. This is a positive step, because that means more people are working. Trump also mention tax cuts and rates. Tax rates were reformed so that more working individuals and families are taking more money in their pocket. With the creation of jobs, I also liked the idea of investing in workforce development. I strongly believe that with the right tools, America can reach its full potential. If the workforce is trained, they will be able to fill the open jobs that are being created. The overall experience of watching the State of the Union address was  positive. After the lengthy discussion I decided to fact check. A large variety of the things I enjoyed to hear were accurate. However, I encountered biased opinions while doing so. Although I didn’t agree with a few things, I was surprised his aggressive choice of words were absent compared to previous public comments. I also expected the address to be shorter and to the point. This being the first State of the Union address that I have watched, I don’t have a comparison. My overall opinion is that the State of the Union might not be the most amusing, but serves its purpose.

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