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Statement of PurposeDuring my management internship at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company, Iwas given a challenging task to improve the sales and customer satisfaction ofthe plummeting home insurance product. I still remember my struggles as Ialternated between product, operations, and marketing department, collectingdata, analyzing a plethora of customer and sales data, conducting focus groupinterviews of our customers and benchmarking against our competitors toidentify areas of improvement. During my final day presentation to the topmanagement team, as my suggestions got approved, I thought in a triumphantstate, that I had finally found my passion in finding solutions todecision-making problems, using data analytics.After finishing high school, I got admission into Narsee Monjee Institute ofManagement Studies (NMIMS), B.Tech. + MBA dual degree program. I was rankedamong the top 3% in the national level entrance exam. During the first fouryears, I learned various core Mechanical Engineering subjects and managementsubjects. I gained knowledge in subjects like Thermal Engineering, FluidMechanics, Heat transfer, Mechatronics etc. In my summer break after thirdyear, I did a ten week internship at Western Railways, an Indian Railwaysubsidiary. My project was to perform ‘failure analysis of roller bearing’.This being my first industrial experience helped me gain experience in variousmanufacturing processes. At Western Railways what especially intrigued me wasthe operations research (O.R.) team, which majorly worked on simulationsoftware, to optimize manufacturing processes. In my long interactions with theOperations Research team, my fascinations about the subject only grew seeingthe vastness of its applications and the importance that it holds for anorganization in terms of reducing costs and improving productivity.During my fourth year, I selected Operations Project and InfrastructureManagement (OPIM) as my Management Major. In OPIM I studied subjects such asOperations Planning and control and Operations Strategy, where I learnedforecasting techniques, capacity planning and control techniques, the conceptsin Lean Production, and Just-In-Time (JIT) System. The Operations Researchcourse helped me gain knowledge in linear and non-linear optimization,transportation and network models, queuing models and simulation models. Thecourse of Supply Chain and Logistics Management exposed me to the variouschallenges involved in an organization’s supply chain, and helped me understandsupply chain various strategies as a tool for improving efficiency and reducingcosts. I gained knowledge in topics such as designing the supply chain network,planning demand and supply in a supply chain, planning and managing inventoriesin a supply chain, logistics system design.Apart from my core subjects, I also took courses in Marketing Management, HumanResource Management, Business Process Management, Financial Management,Leadership, etc. Knowledge in these subjects helped me gain a holistic view ofthe functioning of an organization and has enhanced my decision making andanalytical skills.Data Analytics allured me as much as operations, because it can be used as animportant tool in extracting useful insights from data, and through utilizingvarious data mining and data analysis tools to improve efficiencies, customersatisfaction and reduce costs, which makes it a perfect combination withoperations. Thus, I chose Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) as mymanagement minor. The course of Programming for Analytics helped me gainproficiency in R Programming Language. I also took a course on BusinessAnalytics, which helped me understand various Data Mining techniques such asclassification, regression, clustering, association rules, time seriesanalysis, and their application in solving various problems of businessinterest.In my tenth semester, as a part of Research Project II, I along with my teammembers conducted research on ‘Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Practicesin India’. As the part of the project, data was collected from 80 manufacturingcompanies PAN India through interviews and online surveys. Statistical and dataanalysis techniques such as Reliability test, Factor analysis, KMO & Bartlett’stest, Principle component analysis were used for analyzing data using RProgramming Language and IBM SPSS software. On the basis of data analysis, itwas inferred that standardization and defect control methods had a highimplementation rate, while improvement strategies such as TQM, 5S, Kaizen had alow implementation rate among Indian manufacturing industries. Research ProjectII greatly helped me gain insights regarding conducting a research and has alsolargely improved my programming and data analysis skills.In addition to sharpening my technical skills, my institute also molded mypersonality. I have been an active member of the students’ council, and havebeen in charge of organizing college festival SATTVA and technical events.Working at the students’ council has played a crucial role in enhancing skillssuch as communication, teamwork, and leadership and other soft skills.Currently, I am working at Airpro Engineers as a Management Intern(Operations). Airpro Engineers is one of the leading manufacturers of Heating,Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) products in India. Here, I havereceived training in Arena simulation software. My responsibilities includeoptimizing manufacturing processes by identifying and reducing processbottlenecks and improving throughput using Arena simulation software,forecasting demand, and creating the production schedule.My curriculum, projects and work experience have provided me with a strongplatform to pursue a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and I believethat I will perform well in the graduate program. Texas A University willenhance my capabilities exponentially and prepare me for a rewarding career.The curriculum offers a unique blend of courses such as, Engineering DataAnalysis, Simulation Methods and Applications, Advanced Quality Control, Surveyof Optimization which I can directly apply in complex business situations inareas like data analysis, quality management and process optimization.I understand that a graduate course requires tireless hard work and I am allset to take on the challenges of attaining the high standards set by theprogram. If selected, I assure you that I will maintain the academic excellenceand give my utmost commitment to the program. I hope the committee shares myconfidence and enthusiasm and renders a favorable reply to my application.

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