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Statement of PurposeKDI School of Public Policy and Management 263 Namsejong-ro, Sejong, 339-007, South Korea Phone 82-44-550-1263/1220 Website http// The Statement of Purpose should be typed or printed legibly in English (A4, double-spaced, single-sided). This statement must be written solely by the applicant. Any assistance from others will be grounds for complete dismissal of any scholarship consideration. Please refer to the prompts below. Perseverance they say, is the main ingredient of success, coupled with hard work and determination. One cannot get far in life without these values especially in this challenging world. My all-time accomplishment that I am so proud of is the laurels I received at work within a shortest time. I received three promotions three years in an industry where I had little knowledge prior to joining it and I believe the above important values contributed immensely to this. TF Financial Services, where I work, happens to be in a very competitive industry in Ghana, thus the Financial Industry. To be able to even secure a job in the industry even require one to be an extra ordinary fellow with extra ordinary skills. To someone, this might not be any big deal but to me, it is because of where I come from. Starting off as a young graduate from a typical rural area with a very little opportunities to explore, I found myself in the middle of people I considered to be fortunate and well exposed. At this point, I knew it wasnt going to be like a walk in a park. I had to work extra hard and stay focused to be able to still have a job to go to every morning. After working for a couple of months with TF Financial Services, I got myself enrolled in a Banking and Finance course just so I will be abreast with the nitty-gritties of the industry to be able to discharge my duties diligently at work. The results is evident in the laurels I chalked within the shortest period I moved from the Client Service Officer to the Portfolio Analyst. In thinking this over, I think I know why I am proudest of this achievement as they defined me, and they have made me respect and appreciate myself so much more. Diagnose and analyze an economic/social problem your society is facing and discuss possible solutions. (Less than 800 words) REQUIRED Economic problems assumes that human wants are unlimited, but the means to satisfy these wants are scares. It is often said that the central purpose of economic activity is the production of goods and services to satisfy our changing needs and wants. The basic economic problem then is about scarcity and choice. A social problem on the other hand are the general factors that affect and damage society. A social problem is normally a term used to describe problems with a particular group of people in the world. Sociologist define society as the people who interact in such a way as to share a common culture. The cultural bond may be ethnic or racial based on gender or due to shared beliefs, values and activities. Having said this, inhabitants of every society are affected by problems in one way or the other. These problems could be either economic, social or both economic and social and this makes them socioeconomic problems. Poverty is a social canker that breeds most of social problems Lack of education can have serious effect on children and adult and can affect health, living conditions and social situations. For many children in my society who still do not have access to education, it is mainly as a result of persisting poverty and sidelining. In a developing country like Ghana, and in some parts of communities, children do not have access to basic education mainly because of inequality that originate in sex, health and cultural identity. These children find themselves on the margins of the education system and do not benefit from learning that is important to their intellectual and social development. Poverty which breeds unemployment, poor health and the illiteracy of parents adds on to the numerous risk posed by lack of education. Those children who happen to be enrolled in school too find themselves dropping out due to poor health conditions as a result of malnutrition or in other to work and support their families. A good education lay the path for a better quality of life. Throughout time, education has been considered a process that very often, must be improved. As a nation, I will suggest we come to the realization and acceptance of the importance of education for all children and for that matter, implement policies that will see to the birth of public schools systems to offer every child an opportunity for education, regardless of their parents income, background and any other factors. Again, as more public schools improve accessibility, there is also the need to train teachers and provide them with adequate logistics to be able to deliver on their core mandate. In a situation where these trained teachers are reluctant to be posted to the deprived communities like where I come from, the government could set up a scholarship program that would pay for college if a graduating teachers would commit to staying in one of the stressed school. Since education is not for children only, I will recommend that government create and expand adult education, literacy programs and outreach programs. These programs can be extended to community and unemployment centers. List any additional comments here. (Less than 400 words) OPTIONAL __________________________________________________________________________ Year / Month / Day Signature Y, 4IsNXp
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