Stay at Home Verses Daycare

Stay at home verse daycare. Family is a very important part of a child’s life.

In a family, a child feels safety, he or she is surrounded by love and attention. This could be a reason why most parents do not want to send their child to daycare. They do not want to leave him or her with strangers. It is a really hard decision for parents to stay at home with their child or to send him or her to daycare; however, sometimes home environment cannot be enough for the child to develop well. There are some benefits of a child being in daycare, rather than staying at home.One of most important benefits is developing socialization skills. In daycare, the child develops his or her socialization skills through interaction with other children. The child learns how to make friends, how to solve the conflicts, and how to take a stand in the group.

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These are very important skills, which help the child relate with others in future. However, at home the child interacts only with parents and it is absolutely different than interactions with children of his or her age.The parents are usually authorities for their child, so the child cannot really gain the skills of making friends or taking a stand in the group. Another important benefit is learning skills. In daycare, the child tries to learn more and faster because he or she will watch other children doing the same.

It always will be a competition between children who will draw the picture better, who will solve the teacher’s task faster, or who will answer the question right. The child tries to do everything better and faster. In contrast, at home parents cannot force their child to study or just cannot teach well.They do not have enough patience or do not have time to do that.

Sometimes, they even do not know how to explain things in the best way, so a child can understand it. Usually, parents do not have enough experience in early childhood education, so they try to teach as they can, not as it should be. Another benefit can be developing organization skills. In daycare, child learns how to be well organized. He or she learns how to leave on the schedule: couple hours for play, couple hours for learning, couple for nap; how to come on time, how to get permission.The child learns how to keep his or her stuff in a specific place, not everywhere, as he or she does at home.

Home is a great place for any child to live, but to develop different skills it is better to send the child to daycare. This will give him or her good experience in socialization, education, and organization. He or she will learn how to make friends, how to solve conflicts, how to stand up for himself or herself, how to be well organized and the basic knowledge, necessary for every child. Daycare can be a great benefit for a child’s future.


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