STEP support their elders. Yet the only solution

STEP 3-The articles bring forward the growing of an issue called ageism. On one hand where ageism is growing to great extent , it is seen that many countries are incapable to support the elders in their regions. Where a person above 65  needs to stay home and take care of himself is made to do labor to go by the needs of the family .Many  governments don’t take the issue in hand since they assume it to be costly and highly difficult. It is also seen that Canada has seen a great increment in ageism.

It is seen that not only the youngsters become the major factor responsible for the increaser in the problem of ageism but also the governments who are careless in providing good care towards them . It is seen that many elders are treated differently and are considered incapable of doing things because of their old age. Being older has  become a fear because it relates to being harder to work and incapable of moving from one place to another. But that’s only the way people see regardless of the people who live brightly in their old age and lead good and successful lives. It is just the stereotypes that are created against ageism that arise the issue to such a great extent. A quality of concern depends upon the family members who may or may not support their elders. Yet the only solution to this problem is to understand that old age is a golden age and we should not forget the contributions of elders towards society. They are the pillars of the society.

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Kids should spend time with elderly so that they can interact with them and cherish their company. Scientists also look forward to creates robots which can provide healthcare to the elders and are socially acceptable because many robots have been already created to deal with patients of dementia. Yes the article taught me the factors of ageism and a need to solve it. I agree with the solutions brought forward in the articles. The need to help elders has motivated me more and I am concerned towards them . The articles have left a deep impression on the first read and I would definitely like to change the negative views of people towards the elders.


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