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Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. His full name is Stephen Edwin King. King’s parents were Donald and Nellie King. They got divorced when he was a young child. King had an older brother named David. They both lived in Indiana and Connecticut for a couple of years with their mother. Later on King moved back to Maine with David and his mother. King graduated from Lisbon Falls High School in 1966. After high school, King attended the University of Maine. He used to write for the school’s newspaper and also took part in the student government. King wrote his first short story The Glass Floor which was during his university years. His short story also appeared in Startling Mystery Stories. Which was an magazine series. King graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in the year 1970. After he graduated, he began to work as a teacher at Hampden Academy. King still continued to write stories during his spare time. In the year 1971,  King married Tabitha Spruce who he met while attending university. King is known to be one of the most great and successful horror writers in American history.Firstly, Stephen King had written many books that became very successful. Altogether he was able to sell 350 million copies. King wrote his first book Carrie in the year 1973. The plot was about a teenage girl named Carrie, who gets abused by students at her high school. Carrie then decides to seek vengeance with telekinesis. Which was an undiscovered power she never knew she had. The book became a big hit. After it was published, King then decided to write full time. Later on, a movie was made that was based from the book. Stephen King then wrote a bunch of other books that also turned out to be big hits. For example, The Shining and IT. In a article by the New York Times, it states, “Stephen King’s latest, longest and most complicated novel of terror to date. If drains ever bothered you, then ”It” is going to suck you right in. If not – well, the story’s other compensations may or may not suffice” (Haupt). The book IT was amazing at causing terror to flow into the reader’s minds. Stephen King was able to portray his great skill in horror throughout many of his books. His style to cause people to feel emotions throughout his writing is what made him one of the greatest American authors.Secondly, many of King’s books eventually became films or TV shows. Books like Cujo and Firestarter were ready for the big screen in 1983 and 1984. While It was released in 1990 and was then made into a modern version which released in 2017. For a good portion of his career, King wrote books at an incredible pace. He was able to publish a couple books a year. This mostly occurred in the 1980s and ’90s. His compelling, thrilling tales have continued to be used as the foundation of numerous films for the big and small screens. He has worked directly in television, writing for series like Kingdom Hospital and Under the Dome, based on his novel that was published in 2009 . In 2011 he published a novel involving time travel as part of an effort to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. King also wrote Joyland (2013), a pulp-fiction style thriller that takes readers on a journey to uncovering who’s behind an unsolved murder. And he surprised audiences by releasing Doctor Sleep (2013), a sequel to The Shining, with Sleep hitting No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. New York Times states, “Doctor Sleep” is Stephen King’s latest novel, and it’s a very good specimen of the quintessential King blend” (Atwood) Dr. Sleep was a TV show based off of King’s novels. This shows that not only his novels were successful, but the movies and TV shows were successful as well. Stephen King’s writings were able to go from being on a piece of paper to a screen viewed by millions. Which shows how Stephen King’s writing was able to justify him as a great American author.Thirdly, Stephen King was able to influence many other people as well when it came to horror or just his own and unique writing style. An article states, “King’s work has appeared in magazines ranging from the New Yorker to Harper’s to Playboy. The author has influenced literary writers like Haruki Murakami and Sherman Alexie along with genre creators like the producers of Lost” (Romano). King’s work was not only found entertaining by people, but many people especially authors used him for inspiration. Authors like Haruki Murakami and Sherman Alexie were excellent examples in terms of being inspired by King. King’s impact on different authors around the world shows why he is considered a great American author.Fourthly, a recent book written by Stephen King was called Mr. Mercedes. Mr. Mercedes, even though it is slightly modern, it was still able to include Stephen usual writing style and was able to shock the reader with the suspense.  The story was about hundreds of unemployed people  that were camping out in a job fair when suddenly a gray Mercedes Benz accelerates towards the crowd, killing eight people and injuring many others. Bill Hodges is a detective from the police department and just decided to retire recently. Hodges receives a letter from an anonymous person who claimed that he was the person responsible for the job fair incident. He called  himself as “Mr. Mercedes”. Hodges is an divorced and lonely man. He has dealt with so many problems in his life that sometimes he thinks about suicide and shooting himself with his favorite pistol. The Mercedes Benz case took place towards the end of Hodges’ career and still remained unsolved when he retired. Mr. Mercedes knows all of the details of the murder and also mentions Olivia Trelawney, a rich middle-aged woman whose car got stolen by Mr. Mercedes. Olivia had committed suicide after the murder due to problems with self guilt. Hodges continues to investigate the case instead of Pete Huntley who is an old friend of Hodges and is still a police officer. As Hodges is investigating, he starts to feel paranoid because it seemed like Mr. Mercedes is always one step ahead of him Brady Hartsfield, who turns out to be Mr. Mercedes, is an psychopath that has lived a miserable life. Brady is in his late-twenties. Brady lost his father when he was eight years old. When he was a young child, he killed his mentally disabled brother because his mother told him to. Brady still lives with his alcoholic mother and in some ways is sexually attracted to her. Brady works in an electronics shop and as an ice cream truck man. Brady is able to use the ice cream truck observe Hodges and his neighbors. Which is why he was able to remain one step ahead of them. Jerome Robinson is a 17 year old who is told to be very good looking. Jerome does chores for Hodges. During his research about the rich and deceased Olivia Trelawney, Hodges was able to meet her sister Janey. Janey is the one to hire Hodges about Olivia’s suicide and the stolen Mercedes Benz. After a while Hodges begins to like Janey and ends up going out with her. Later on, Hodges was able to find out Mr. Mercedes stole the car and then caused Olivia to commit suicide by leaving sound files on her computer that were included strange sounds. They were able to find out because of Jerome is also an computer genius. Olivia thought the sounds were coming from the ghosts of the job fair massacre. At the funeral of Olivia’s mother, Hodges meets Janey’s  relatives. Hodges ends up meeting on of Janey’s cousin Holly who is  emotionally unstable. After the funeral, Brady tries to blows up Hodges’ car. However, Janey was inside the car and is killed by the explosion. Even though Brady was trying to target Hodges. This caused Hodges to become even more motivated by his anger to solve the case without the help of the police. Holly decides to join Hodges and Jerome in the investigation. Brady accidentally kills his own mother with a poisoned hamburger which he had prepared for Jerome’s dog. Due to his depression, he tries to kill himself by blowing himself up at a giant concert for young girls. His plans were to hide explosives inside the wheelchair he will use at the concert.. Jerome, Hodges, and Holly were able to catch Mr. Mercedes and was able to find out his real identity. They eventually reach the concert to stop Brady. As they reach the concert, Hodges begins to suffer from a heart attack and is unable to go into the concert with Holly and Jerome. So told them to continue without him.. Holly was able locate Hartsfield and started beating him up with a thing made by Hodges called a’ “Happy Slapper”. The happy slapper was essentially a sock filled with ball bearings. Hartsfield is left  unconscious on the concert floor. Hodges was able to get rescued from the staff at the concert. Holly and Jerome decided to have a picnic to discuss about the events. They also received a medal from the city. Brady ends up waking up in a hospital, and the first thing he asked for was his mother. Even though he didn’t realize that his mother was already dead. In a article, it states, “Mr. Mercedes is a war between good and evil, from the master of suspense whose insight into the mind of this obsessed and insane killer is chilling and unforgettable”.  Despite being his first detective book, He was still able to maintain his usual suspense and thrill throughout the whole book. Many people still continue to read his books because of his unique style. King is able to pull in the reader into the text so that way the readers are able to feel what the characters are able to go through. Mr. Mercedes is an excellent example and does a amazing job with staying connected with King’s overall style. This is why King is known to be one of the greatest American authors of all time.

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