Strengths Pepsi have understood the trend of healthier


Coca-Cola has brand awareness

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Coca-Cola have produced and controlled majority of
the world’s vast carbonated soft drinks in the market. In more than 200

Selling more than 100 different beverages. Mello
Yellow, Dasani, Fuze, Minute Maid and so on.



Coca-Cola failure to adapt to a changing culture
of consumers.

Gave Pepsi the forefront to grow and become smarter.

(Pepsi trended away from sugary beverages and into
healthier drinks and snacks.)

As Coca-Cola continues a stern business method. Sales
profit decline as consumers craving to becomes healthier.

Water management. Coca-Cola products consist of
mainly water. Leading to agricultural overexploitation in many countries.


Nutritious values (sugar) in soda alone have forced
a cultural change.

For consumers are moving more toward organic. Because the risk
of diabetes, heart disease and obesity are greater with sugary products.

Competition like archrival Pepsi have understood
the trend of healthier life style.



Coca-Cola linked in with Keurig Green Mountain
to upsurge revenues with home brewed sodas.

Coca-Cola continuing purchases of a healthier
brand such as Vitamin Water.

Created jobs globally. Contribution to economy
success.  As new generation of millennial
are relevantly knowledgeable of the nutritional values in the 21st
century. For their warier to consume foods and beverages that are GMO constructed.

For millennials transpire
to living a healthier life style. In comparison to the old generation of sugar devotees
of the pastAn exposed opportunity for Coca-Cola should capital on is the opportune
persistent of consumers to become healthier. Coca-Cola should market its brand and
focus into healthier product line. Coca-Cola would open a productive employment
rate for the company’s future along with its current workforce. 



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