Students evidence that sports participation positively relates to

Students participating in extracurricular activities whilethey are schooling have become a very common circumstance in this era. Sportsis forms of competitive physical activity played by players through casual ororganized participation. Sport manage to provide relief and a sense relaxationin a life of  monotony of routine.Participating in sports helps to tackle the difficulty such as deprivation,hurdles, and anguish. Much research advocate that there may be remarkablecorrelations of sports participation with academic performance. Physical education and sport settingsare ripe with opportunities to formlasting memories, and there is good evidence that they do—especially when thememories are bad ones (Strean, 2009) ” A number of studies recveal thatstudents participating in extracurricular activites did better academicallythan students who did not participate ” (Marsh & Kleitman, 2002, para.

7)      According to an online surveythat has 6099 of Malaysia respondents responded, only 12.51% of the respondentsdo not participate regularly in sports. Up to more than 80 % of the respondentsfrom Malaysia do participate frequently in sports.

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   Froma research point of view, there is considerable evidence that sportsparticipation positively relates to academic achievement among youth (Gerber,1996; Stegman & Stephens, 2000; Stephens & Schaban, 2002). Students who achieve outstandingacademic result and with high level of education are allegedly to be employedor have more employment golden opportunities than those with less education andearn with higher income. Accomplishing in academic is pivotal because to overcomethe technologically demanding occupations of the future  will require to achieve higher levels ofeducation. There is mounting evidencethat athletic participation has a positive effect on the lives of participatingstudents, especially in an academic arena (Stegman & Stephens, 2003).             In this research, academic performance isidentified by the overall achievement in each study year of higher educationstudent which culminates in a Grade Point Average (GPA). Students’ achievementin tests, course work and examinations would take into consideration for the gradingpoint system score.

The formula of computing the grade point system is as shownin the table below :     Current GPA =   Total of (Credit Units x Grade points)                            Total number of modules taken by student     The minimumand maximum grading system point scores are 0 and 4.0 subsequently. Thisgrading system score signify that if the student score higher marks then thebetter the students’ had performed academically. Fundamentally, the gradingpoint system will be an appropriate way to measure of a students’ academicachievement.  Jayanthi, S.

V. , Balakrishnan, S. , Ching,A. L. S.

, Latiff, N. A. A. , & Nasirudeen, A.


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