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Students are also the citizens of a country and they are also entitled to some rights which must be protected and should not be violated. The rights students have are of several types ranging from civil rights, contractual rights, constitutional rights and also consumer rights. These rights result in the regulation of the rights of the students and also enable them to enjoy the freedom and hence making use of the investment they have made in education, to their maximum benefit.There has been a Student Bill which is aimed to cover the rights to which the students have more access to. In order to make the students perform better and consistently, there has to be a mechanism which makes sure that the students are not deprived of their rights and hence are not taken away from their original academic goals and objectives. Students must not be forced to be involved in politics and all this amendments in the constitutions etc., and must be allowed and facilitated to focus on their academic achievements. This is why a student bill mechanism was the need of the hour.   Let us now have a look at this student bill which has 11 rights to which the students must have access to for being able to live a better life and perform more effectively and efficiently in the society. The most important right for the students is the right of freedom of expression. Students need to express their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about the concepts of their academics with freedom. If there are restrictions on the students in this regard they will not be able to excel in their respective area of studies. There has to be ample freedom to allow the students to experiment and be innovative. Freedom of speech allows them a wide range of topics and themes to be covered in their projects and assignments which can not only give them good marks but a real time experience of the concept in the real life. It broadens their vision and makes them taste the real implementation of what they are studying in the classrooms (Martin). The next big problem faced by the students is bullying at the school. There has to be assurance from the law that no student gets bullied at the school. It really disturbs the performance of the students. Students’ Safety and wellbeing must be guaranteed as it is one of the basic rights a student must have access to. If the students are not safe at the school, how are they supposed to study and become educated and professional citizens of the country. Making the premises of the schools safe and conducive for the students is also a responsibility of the state officials and the students must be assured that their right to remain safe and perform well in the school is being protected.Corporal punishment must end and the teachers and other staff at school must not be allowed to punish the students. The aim of the teachers must only be to help them grow and become successful, and not to expose them to punishment and torture. It hampers their interest towards studies and therefore must be stopped and discouraged immediately. In addition to it, students must have access to the counselors for learning. Every student in the country has a right to have a counselor to give support wherever and whenever needed. Unfortunately the ratio between the students and a counselor is 478 to one which means there is one counselor for every 478 students. This ratio is quite low and there is another fact which clarifies the deprivation of the students from this right is that one school out of five does not have any counselor at all. The students must also be given the right of the constitutional agency which means to inform the students about the policy about their rights and also to take their contributions to make those policies. The policies which are made while the students are allowed to participate are more likely to be successful and effective for the students in real time. Information and privacy is another right which is very important to be secured. Students’ information must be kept private and it must be saved from the misusage. Especially the information of the students which is delivered to the counselor must not be leaked to anyone without the consent of the student. It can destroy or seriously harm the social life of the students. The identification of the students is very easy from the information schools and colleges, and teachers have about their students. Students therefore should have the right to keep their information secure and to be used only for the informed, announced, legal and permissible purposes (Koebler).Another very significant right of every student is to be given the opportunity to get employed after or during his or her studies. This is what they are giving their time and money to the institutions, to get a job and earn a reasonable and respectful living. It might be one of the most basic rights to which a student must have access to. The government and the state officials must ensure that all the students get an equal chance of getting a job at the end of their education. It will make them utilize what they have learned during their stay at school and will decrease unemployment and many problems associated with unemployment. Students also should be given the right to participate in the civic activities when they are studying. It will enhance their civic sense and make them more responsible citizens of the country. They will get to know the problems which are faced by the society and therefore will enable them to think and participate in the solution of those problems. Students must be given the rights to participate to improve their communities which will make them realize what their civic responsibilities are and what else they have to do in their lives apart from getting education and getting the job to earn money (Bayeh 31-36).Every a student who is studying has a very fundamental right to be assessed neutrally and fairly. The assessment of their academic performance in a very fair manner and there must not be any kind of favoritism from the teachers and the evaluators. All the personal, personality clashes and other reasons must be put aside while making the assessments of the students’ academic performance. A student has the right of getting a neutral and just assessment because his or her career and future relies on what grades are given to him or her. This is one right which must be assured to every student without any discrimination.The technological advancement and its availability in the schools and colleges will assure that the students have access to the internet all the time at school, so that there is no hurdle in their advancements in academics and in retrieving the relevant information which is required. There is a misinterpretation that every student today has a smart phone and a laptop with him or her, but this does not mean that every one of them also has an excess of high speed internet at the school. As the number of internet subscribers and users is increasing day by day, the internet access should also be upgraded with time (Mareco). Last but not the least is the right to be included in the mainstream despite of the cultural, ethnic diversity. The schools and the classrooms must be a place where every student is warmly welcomed by others. It should be a place where the students from different regions and cultures of the world must be treated equally, as it is the time to end racism, sexism and other social dilemmas. These are some of the basic rights which a student must be assured to have a conducive environment to focus on their studies without any fear, deprivation and concern

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