“Stumbling the country Canada is today. Firstly,

“Stumbling through darkness
and racing through light, we have persisted in the creation of a Canadian
civilization”, said Adrienne Clarkson, the 26th governor general of
Canada (Canadaka). During the twentieth century, Canada has formed into a
strong, independent and advanced nation. Canada’s three most defining moments
in the twentieth century are the Person’s case, D-Day and Terry Fox. These
defining moments were very significant to Canada and have also helped shape the
country Canada is today.

         Firstly, Canada’s most defining
moments in the twentieth century was the Person’s case. In 1927, Emily Murphy
teamed up with Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir
to fight the “Person’s case” in the courts due to such negative attitude
towards women. After being overruled, on October 18, 1929, the famous five took
this case to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England who then
stated that women can be senators and judges too. In 1930, Prime Minister
Mackenzie King chose Cairine Wilson as the first female senator (Bolotta et al,
86). Thankfully due to the Person’s case, Bertha Wilson was elected as the
first female justice in the Supreme Court of Canada. In fact, the famous five
were rewarded with the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Person’s
Case. The Canadian government won the first medal in 1979 during the 50th
anniversary of the declaration that women were also considered “persons”
(StatusofWomenCanada). This is the only honor to people who support no sexism
and want contribution of women in the country. Therefor, The Person’s Case was
one of the most defining moments in the twentieth century for Canada.

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          Secondly, Canada’s most defining
moments in the twentieth century was D-day. D-day, codenamed Operation Overload
was a battle that started on June 6, 1944, where American, Canadian and British
troops landed on five beaches along the coast of Normandy, France. The day
before the attack, allies lead a large trickery campaign to mislead the Germans
about the invasion and the actual invasion was one of the largest amphibious
military assaults in history. In August 1944, all of northern France was
captured and by spring the Germans had been defeated by the allies. The
Normandy invasion marked the end of the war for Europe (DefiningMoments). D-day
is considered the largest Canadian military operation to date with The Royal
Canadian Navy making a huge contribution to the military operation as well.
John Keegan, in honors to Canada’s 3rd division during D-day said, “at
the end of the day, its forward elements stood deeper into France than those of
any other division”. (Juno Beach-The Canadians on D-day) Canadians have earned
high respect and recognition for their contribution to D-day and Canadians made
more progress than other Allies (DefiningMoments). If Canadian troops had not fought
on D-day, many lives could have been lost and Germans would have taken over
much more land. This would also leave America and Britain to fight alone. “The
whole post-war history of Britain, of Europe, and of the world, would have been
radically different”, said David Stafford, Centre for World War II studies (BBC).
In conclusion, D-day was one of the most defining moments in the twentieth
century for Canada.

            Thirdly, Canada’s most defining moments
in the twentieth century was Terry Fox. In 1979, Terry Fox began his cross-Canada
marathon which helped raise money for research on cancer and brought understanding
to Canadians after being diagnosed from a malignant tumor in his right leg. Fox
began his marathon on April 12, 1980 and ended on September 1, 1980 because his
cancer had spread to his lungs. Even though Terry Fox had been diagnosed from his
lung cancer, he passed away on June 28th, 1981. After his death, the
Terry Fox Foundation has been created, which has internationally raised more
than $300 million contributing to cancer research (TheCandianEncyclopedia).
Terry Fox has been nominated by uncountable Canadian awards and was also voted
as Canada’s Greatest Hero by a national survey in 1999 (DefiningMoments). Terry
Fox has made such an impact on Canadians that every year there is a Terry Fox
run which is one of the most attended events in Canada (DefiningMoments). More
than $40 million have been raised through Terry Fox’s name for cancer research and
now researchers are investigating on treatments for cancer (DefiningMoments). As
a result, Terry Fox was one of the most defining moments in the twentieth century
for Canada.

                 The Person’s Case, D-Day and Terry
fox are the most defining moments in Canadian history. These defining moments
have helped shaped the nation Canada is today. These defining moments are
life-changing moments which influenced Canadians and will never be forgotten.
Canada as a nation will always be changing due to new moments and we an just
hope it changes for the better.

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