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Sub-genreis another category which is defined by specific characteristics like film noirof gangster films or slasher films of horror. Genre blending is another featurewhich combines all the genres, one of the best examples is Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942). It can beviewed as a war film, a thriller movie and romance.

Another example can be TerryGilliam’s Brazil. Hollywood era During the early years of the 40s decade,American film industry was not that  prominentespecially after the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese. However, by 1943 to1946 Hollywood films began to flourish along with the advancement in technology.Some of the Hollywood’s bestdirectors who arouse during war years include; John Ford, William Wyler, JohnHuston and most of their movies convey patriotic themes, like Wylers’s war timefilm Mrs.Miniver(1942). By the end of World War II, theconcept of Film Noir came into existence. The genre associated with 1940sHollywood was film noir. It reflects the challenges faced during pre andpost-war periods.

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 Film noir is basically used to describe crimemovies which are full of self-concerned criminals and violent scenes. All filmnoirs are unique with contrasting cinematography and sharp dialogue. Then comesthe concept of Neo-Noir. “Neo meansnew and Noir means black It wascoined by Nino Frank in 1946, a French film critic who started a new trend inthe Hollywood crime field.

In this new ‘genre’ of cinema, the emphasis wasplaced on criminal psychology, violence, and misogyny” (Genre and Hollywood, Steve Neale, p.151). Someof the most notable film noirs during the 40s period are; Frank Tuttle’s ThisGun For Hire (1942), Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity (1944),Henry Hathaway’s Kiss of Death (1947), Nicholas Ray’s TheyLive By Night (1949).

Films in 1950s and 60s mainly reflected the decadeof fun, leisure, entertainment and tremendous social changes.By early 60s, the major studios financed and started distributingindependently-produced domestic pictures and 1970’s became a new decade for theyoung film makers. The restrictions they had on language, adult content slowlybegan to diminish.

Young film makers started to experiment discarding the old Hollywoodstyle.  Era of Crime films By1950, crime films became much more violent and adult oriented. Drug abuse andaddiction which was considered as a taboo subject have been widely brought tothe screen. Crime films are often self-destructive and includes rivalry. (filmsite.

org/crimefilms.html)D.W. Griffith’s The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) officially marked the start of crime/gangster genre aboutorganized crime.

It wasn’t the first gangster movie ever made, one of theearliest crime films was Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900).FrancisFord Coppola’s Godfather (1972) wasone of the most successful ‘Mafia’ films ever made. This era boasted a lot offamous Film makers in America, some of them being, Otto Preminger, WilliamWyler, Roman Polanski Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, D WGriffith and Orson Welles. In the early 90s, youngscreenwriter Quentin Tarantino made his debut film as writer and director. Quentin Tarantino isone of the most visible new American Filmmaker to have emerged during the1990’s. Tarantino had held a significant influence on the modern cinema.

QuentinTarantino, one of the most widely known filmmaker is admired for a particularstyle and visuals that he uses in his movies. And also the narrative structure,cinematography and most importantly the treatment of violence. Apart from therole of a filmmaker, he is also known as a writer. He wrote scripts for ‘TrueRomance'(1993), ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ (1996), ‘Curdled’ (1996).

Someof the main movies directed by Tarantino include Pulp Fiction(1994), Reservoir Dogs(1992), Django Unchained(2012),Inglourious Basterds(2009), Kill Bill Vol I(2003), Kill Bill Vol II(2004),Jackie Brown(1997), The Hateful Eight(2015). Tarantinomovies have got a whole lot of transgression, which is; the use of language,feminist vengeance, the pleasure of cathartic violence and black vengeance. Inone of his movies ‘Kill Bill Vol I(2003), the bride who is the victim (the protagonist) becomes the heroicsymbol of female vengeance.In his movies, the heroes can be so terrible.             (Genre, Justice and Quentin Tarantino. Eric Michael Blake, 2015).

Oneof the characteristic features is that he uses the combination of comedy andviolence. Pulp Fiction is the movie where he clearly shows the contrast betweenparody and violence.  It is not onlyconsidered as the best film but also the best work by Quentin Tarantino. Hesets up his stories within the dominion of crime movies and later overwrites itwith comedy. KeyConcept This study focuses on the audience perceptionof Quentin Tarantino’s movies.

There are certain elements and a distinctivestyle that Tarantino uses that attract the audiences. The audience can be drawnin by the plot of the movie, soundtracks, settings, and dialogues. Audienceexamines what the film says and how it depicts the role of differentcharacters. This study shows why audience perceives Tarantino’s movies, what elementsof his movies interest the audience and the general perception about Tarantinoamong the viewers.     


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