Sub-Question to they found that 90%

Sub-Question 1- What is the impact of child labor in factories have on children and their families?
Mini sub question, how can we help kids who have been mentally (and physically) scarred

A child could be both mentally and physically scarred as some kids get ‘punished’ however the overseer feels like.
“The boss beats him if he “misbehaves”, he said, adding that he and his co-workers don’t get paid until the end of the year, and will not be paid at all if they leave before then.” –
A 15 year old said that he had to work at least 28 days in a month starting at 7:30am to somewhere around 10pm. He also said that if he does something wrong he won’t get paid until the end of the year and his boss beats him if he misbehaves, adding onto he and his co-workers don’t get paid until the end of the year and will not be paid if they leave before the end of the year.

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Domestic work:
Most children, usually from 5 to 17, have been abducted or either been tricked by authorities and made to work in factories or forced to work with their parents because they can’t finish the load of work by themselves. (Some children work to help their families in ways that are neither harmful nor exploitative.)

In many favorites they have nets in the stairs and also windows a ceiling like cage so you can’t jump out of the windows.

In Guangzhou, there are many factory workers, around the age 16, lose or break about 40,000 fingers on the job every year,

Some children work 6.75 hours and spend 6.42 hours LESS in studying. This shows how little education these kids get, and some just don’t get any education at all. According to they found that 90% of the children were still in school yet they get little to no time to study and actually get an eudcation out of their schooling. They may lack in the most basic skill area because they weren’t able to attend school due to being forced to work.

These children may have long term health problems due to the chemicals in the factories. Most factories are dirty and have poor working conditions, there is no air conditioning , depending how long the children stay at factories, this could really damage their health. You

the children could be punished hard, being denied to see their families & friends and they work long hours and get paid little to nothing, most would work from around 5 in the morning till 8 at night with no breaks other than lunch. Many children would be abused, and sometimes beaten to death for the wrong things they did. If the overseer saw you ‘slacking’ off they would:
Hang 1 pound weights on your ear and make you continue working

Kids can lose their childhood, not having time to go out make friends and hang out with them, they won’t grow and develop. this can lead to social anxiety, not knowing how to make friends in the future, or applying for jobs etc.

Essay on Child Labour: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Solutions

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