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Suicidal behavior can be reflectedin social perspective. Perception of invalidation creates a sense of lonelinesseventually leading to a greater risk of development of suicidal ideation. Thesense of not being accepted by the society along with the perceived capabilityfor lethal self-harm produces a desire for death. Thus, “lack of acceptance” or”sense of invalidation” can be taken as a predictor of whether a person willtry to harm himself or even attempt suicide or not.

Family and peers are thetwo major categories that may lead a person thinking of him as inacceptable bythe society. When then teens that were admitted in a psychiatric facility for attemptingsuicide were assessed it was found that most of them were aggravated by familyor peer ignorance. There was a higher ratio of boys who developed a highperception of family invalidation and perception of peer invalidation was equallylikely in both genders. Perception of invalidation may come if one gets bulliedby his peers or if one is never appreciated by his family.

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 Emotional invalidation in thefamily environment occurs mostly by low family support or family dysfunction.Positive family support can not only help one to grow mentally but also to makehealthier and wiser choices. It makes one safer and is a resilience to stress.So, if one’s family is not supportive, a person may get depressed in the hoursof stress because there is no one to share his feelings with and may feel helplessas sometimes a person cannot fight the stress alone. On the other hand, a dysfunctionalfamily can adversely affect an adolescent’s growth and mentality. Inter-familyconflicts may disturb the mental state of a child and eventually he may developsuicidal ideation.

Lack of real social life and familial connections add a lot tostressful life. So, parents should be affectionate with their children and keeptrack of their routine and act accordingly if there is something unusual withtheir routine or with their behavior. Adolescence is a time when one isreally sensitive and thus a little glitch in peer connection can be hurting. So,talking about bullying, it is commonly experienced in adolescence particularlyfrom sixth to tenth grade. Bullying peers and suicidal ideation as well asself-injurious behaviors are in close association. It is an element of surprisethat there is a high level of suicidal ideation not just in the victims butalso in the petrators. Whereas, peer invalidation may create a sense of rejectionand one may lose all his confidence and the desire to live. In a group of peer,one may get upset if his suggestions are given no importance, if he is made funof and if he is laughed at all the time.

Eventually, he may get into depressionleading to suicide. Studies have also examined thatsocial isolation is frequently becoming common in hospitalized suicidaladolescents. A person isolates himself from society when the society makes himfeel that he is of no use to society and anything that he does for the societydoesn’t matter.

Social isolation may lead to physical and mental stress.  Similarly, child abuse has beenfound to be another major element of suicidal ideation in adolescents. It hasbeen found that adults who have been a victim of childhood abuse are five timesmore likely to commit suicide then who are not physically abused. Physicalabuse may adversely affect the stress response in the brain thus leading tosuicide. 


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