Summary for career plans and exporting scheduled important

review of the program’s target population and its accessibility
(user-friendliness, etc)

career counseling is the use of computers and other internet connected devices
in career guidance. The world is turning to the internet for information and
guidance. Many individuals look for professional career guidance when making
important career decisions. The program aims to assist individuals seeking online
information for self-help in their career choices. It can be used by clients look
for professional guidance from experienced career counselors and psychologists
as they aim at making their decisions. It also targets special population such
as persons with disabilities, people from diverse groups, veterans, offenders
and the elderly. There are websites and job search boards specific to the
members of this group. With such a program, people from geographically isolated
areas can access the services from the comfort of their homes. It allows for
career counselors and psychologist to help clients in related fields without
physically meeting. It helps students who would like to identify a course that
relates to their skills and pursue it as a gateway into the business world. (Niles &
Garis, 1990)

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program is customized for user satisfaction. It offers and/or supports the
following features (Krumboltz, 1990):

E-mail log-in

chat with a career practitioner

Videoconferencing and internet voice


Creating of career plans

Career videos in multiple languages

Career portfolio

Sharing of data via social media
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn)

Job placement tools such as interviewing
practice and resume builders as well as drafting formal letters

Calendar reminder for career plans and
exporting scheduled important event dates to a calendar

Local jobs available and the ability to
research local employers

Auxiliary digital publications on
different career topics

Technical and training support

ethical use

program offers online assessments, exploration experiences, search for options
and information delivery/guidance. It integrates various elements to provide a
logical and structured discovering environment. As a result it has many
benefits such as enhanced integration of the assessments taken, quicker results,
fewer errors and active involvement of clients. A client can be provided with
detailed results containing career information shortly after completing an

program provides a companion tool kit for practitioners and psychologists who
would like to assist online clients with career exploration and decision
making. The tool kit allows them to offer the career assessment inventories. It
includes curricular elements that aid in comparing occupations and future
career planning. Career practitioners regularly update information for clients.
Organizations too can also post job vacancies available and the descriptions of
employees they require. Since most information presented online nowadays may
not be reliable, various organizations established guidelines and standard
regulating career practitioners. The regulations ensure that the program is
used effectively by career counselors and clients are presented quality and
accurate information (Bobek, et
al., 2005).
The organizations include American Counseling Association (ACA), National Board
for Certified Counselors and the Center for Credentialing and Education and
National Career Development Association (NCDA). The Code of Ethics set
regarding providing career services online dictate: (National
Career Development Association)

1.      Career
professionals should ensure that the use of technology services is in
accordance with the laws of the land and boundaries where the services are offered.

2.      Clients
are entitles to informed consent and disclosure.

3.      Career
professions should take reasonable precautions to ensure the confidentiality of
clients’ personal information transmitted through electronic means, including using
current encryption standards within their online platform.

4.      Career
professions are to verify clients’ identities at the beginning and throughout
the working relationship. Verification can include, but is not limited to,
using code words, numbers, graphics, or other nondescript identifiers.

5.      Career
professions should maintain a professional relationship with their clients.
They should discuss and establish professional boundaries with clients
regarding the appropriate use and application of technology and the limitations
of its use.

6.      Career
professional should make reasonable efforts to determine that the clients are
fully capable of using the application and that the application is appropriate
for the needs of the client. They are also to follow up with clients to address
any issues that may arise.

7.      Career
professionals are responsible for knowing and abiding by other ethical
practices related to client assessment.

8.      Career
professionals who maintain websites should regularly ensure that electronic
links are professionally appropriate and working. They should also be relevant
to the clients and protect consumer rights.

9.      Career
professionals should provide accessibility or inform persons with disabilities
of assistive devices that will make the content accessible.

10.  All
job posting must represent a valid opening for which those searching have an
opportunity to apply. Once application deadlines have passed or after positions
have been filled the postings should be removed. Information that may be gained
about individuals should not be used for any other purposes other than the

11.  Career
professionals should respect the privacy of their clients’ presence on social
media and avoid searching clients’ virtual presence unless given consent.

12.  Career
professionals’ social media strategies should be fair and treat all clients

13.  Posting
should be respectful and appropriate for large audiences. They should also be
regularly checked to ensure accuracy of information shared.

14.  Information
posted should respect copyrights and original sources

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