Summary of Ghana

Usually, its temperatures are in the 65 to 100 degree fahrenheit range. However, March is the hottest and August is the coolest. Mostly the savannas are hot and dry. Ghana has three main rivers. They also made Lake Volta, as a result, it is the world largest human-made lake in the world.

Ghana has 16 wildlife parks with diverse animals like elephants, lions, hippos and others. The parks have been kept well for tourism. Ghana also has different types of transportation like buses, taxis and planes. During ages 4 to 19, sstudents go to school to begin different subjects.

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Most of the Ghanaian people live together in mud houses with their extended family although they have concrete and tin-roofed house. Generally, men work for their extended family. Although Ghana’s oldest game is Oware, football is the national sport. Not only do they have concerts, but they also play traditional drums and xylophones. Their music merged with European hymns and with Ghanaian military songs called Hiplife. Furthermore, they also tell traditional myths and legends.

They eat different food like yams, fish, meat, peanuts and more.They wear different dresses, but Ghanaian traditional hand sewn dresses are the most important among them. Christianity and Islamic are two main religions in Ghana. Most of the arts are done in gold since Ghana was famous for gold.

So Europearns were curious about Ghana. Although slave trade with Europe ended in the 1800s, Great Britain attacked the Asante Kingdom in Ghana in 1901. As a result, the British ruled Ghana for 55 years and took advantage of them. Besides that on March 6, 1957, Ghana get their independence through the loss of many lives.

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