Swot Analysis for Bp

Opportunities and Threats from a SWOT Analysis for The BP Helios Initiative. From the SWOT analysis for BP Helios Initiative–Looking forward globally to the next three years; the opportunities and threats components show very important points that can be very decisive for either the success or the failure of this initiative. The fact that BP was the first of the companies in the oil and gas industry to make it clear about going green is a very important point; As we know that consumers are now more aware than ever about the dangers of pollution and global warming.

Not to forget the environmentalists who are always watching and reacting to such moves either by supporting the companies who are going green, or by standing on the way of those who do not. A good example of what could bring BP some outside support is the use of solar energy, along with reducing the consumption by a fifth of what gas stations normally use in lighting. Not to forget that the Helios House itself is made of recycled and nontoxic materials, that adds up to its structure which facilitates the cooling and heating.With this new look and the onsite test environment or “live in lab” as it is referred to: the Helios House is an attraction for customers who are looking for interaction with BP’s employees. This allows them to learn more about the whole project and therefore serves as a free way of advertising for the company’s products and services.

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On the threats side of this analysis: the Helios House remains a very expensive project. Though it might be a good experience for those who live or work in the area, it does not provide much to the rest of the consumers.In fact, it remains unknown to almost everyone who has never experienced it, I personally would probably have never known about it if it were not to this report. And considering the details, cost and complexity to build the Helios House, it is impossible to duplicate it on every single BP gas station out there and so cannot be taken for a prototype. What also could limit the business of the Helios House is the fact that some major consumer products like cigarettes are not sold there.As we know a big part of the business on gas stations is from tobacco product sales, and since most of us like to shop for everything on one place, it is a big advantage to the competing brands that carry these products.

Tough it is definitely a good initiative with lots of good intentions and benefits for the environment and the customer experience, the Helios House’s experience remains very limited, therefore uncertain if it is worth the money and effort. Only the next few years will tell us for sure.

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