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SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. SWOT analysis guides us to identify the organization’s strength and weaknesses (S-W) as well as their opportunities and threats (O-T). The Detailed analysis and awareness of the situation help the organization with both strategic planning and decision-making. 1 Therefore, in this paper I am going to apply SWOT analysis on Godfather’s Pizza, which is a privately owned restaurant (Pizza) chain in Omaha. It is a quite successful business in Omaha; it is a company that operates in fast-casual Italian franchises, and also many Pizzas express bars.

Strength: In this way, to become successful like such industry, there are strengths that have been performed by Godfather’s Pizza. One such strength Godfather’s Pizza has with their extensive marketing campaigns through the representative. Besides that, they also provide uniqueness with the crust offered in the pizzas. In addition to that, several other strengths include active partnerships with local schools and help with the fundraising. Moreover, the restaurant is situated in non-traditional locations like airports, universities, and convenience stores, which is an additional strength.

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2Weakness:The main weakness of Godfather’s Pizza is the well-established players dominating the market, which results in limited market share. There are several other weaknesses, for instance, a limited brand within the US, no international presence, and training cost that is likely to be the main constraint. 2 As the Pizza is the most demanding one, there is also the concern about quality management, which is really affecting the company, as the network is huge. As a result, the quality cannot be checked across franchise stores.Opportunities:The Godfather’s Pizza is likely to include more varieties of food on their menu. In addition, they are also planning to offer combos and kids’ menu to attract more families with children.

2 It is also expanding the business into more parts of the USA and advertising regarding being more socially responsible. It will offer a unique ambiance for families to decrease market share of competitors.Threats: The primary threat is its’ more established competitors Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza who has a high market share. Another threat is from customers, as they are moving away from fast food and looking for food that is more nutritious.

Lastly, fluctuating economic scenarios are also a big threat to the restaurant and fast food business. 2



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