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SWOT analysis is a very useful tool in nowadays, originatedby Albert S. Humphrey in 1960. Strengths and weaknesses are qualified asinternal factors, while opportunities and threats are generally related to externalfactors. Used in a personal context it helps you achieve advantages in yourcareer using your talents, abilities and opportunities. (https://www.

mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm)  George Bernard Shaw said: “Life isn’tabout finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”I find making an own analyse of myself a key role in the overalldevelopment of my personality. SWOT analysis could be called as one of the best strategies as it overlays theways to success. The list of my strengths and weaknesses will help meunderstand what kind of person I am, by evaluating my opportunities and threatsI can create my plan of personal and professional development.

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We are in the process of personality growth the entire of our life that’s whyis important to evaluate and review our skill set.Strengths   The strengths arethe qualities that set us apart from others, are power that allows us jumphigher than other people, our ability to overcome every barrier in the road.When I think about strengths I try to find the qualities that don’t requiremuch effort for me. I can definitely say that my personal strengths thatdescribe best myself is a hardworking, motivated, quick to react to a changeand a supportive person.

These characteristics allow me became more efficientand confident in comparison to my peers.Hardworking and motivation is the features that I choose to put first as itsmake me understand that I can do specific things or tasks with dedication andseriousness at long or short-time. I found that features useful in every actionlike group assignments or when I should complete a task at work on particularperiod of time. Every time the only one motivation that I have is the goodresult.How we choose to react to a change defines us. I always see a change as thepossibility of something to be better because “life is 10% of what happensand 90% of how you react to it.” Therefore, the way we react determinesthe quality of our work, study and everything around us. I think that is animportant tool for every person for being placed firs that others in theircareer path.

Furthermore, I find not less important mine supportive ability by finding thetime and energy to share my knowledge, experience with anyone who needs it. Therefore, I think if I will focus everything that I amdoing around my strength I could get an extraordinary result on my futurecareer and not only.Weaknesses  Equivalentlyimportant in knowing your strengths is knowing your weaknesses, especially whenwe are trying to improve our personality. In this case is necessary to behonest and recognize what are our specific weaknesses, as Jean Vanier said:”Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weaknesses”.

  My weaknesses are that I am notconfident at public speaking/presentations, less creative than I would like tobe and I take things too personally.Public speaking is the big weaknesses that I need to improve. It makes me feelfear all the time when I have presentation in my class or when I should ask oranswer the question that my teacher/boss is giving me.

The most valuable thingis that I realize that and all I need to do is trying to do my best all thetime by speaking often in public, trying to get involved in differentactivities.From my childhood I had more developed logical skills than creative skills. Now,I trying to improve my creativity skills, but I still can’t call myself”creative”. I am lucky that my accountancy orientation does not deal withcreativity all the time.I have as well trouble in separating personal from impersonal. In most of the conflictsor criticism situations I can carry the negativism from my professional to mypersonal live.

I think for protecting my own feelings I should avoid that type of situationsand keep going as a professional.   OpportunitiesTom Murcko said that “Opportunities arise from a widevariety of circumstances: change, chaos, confusion, inconsistencies, ambiguity,uncertainty, etc. When looking for the next big thing, focus your search onthese areas and you’re more likely to find recently created opportunities thatothers haven’t discovered yet.”Therefore, I can conclude from his words that all experiences that we have inour life offer opportunities to learn and develop our skillsets and ourstrengths – no matter how pleasant or disagreeable they are.One of the most valuableopportunity that I have in my life is the studies that I am facing now. Whilestudying I find lots of opportunities in the college, for example: library and theresources available all the time, different kind of events that I can attendand get experience. Furthermore, it gives me the most inestimable things in thislife- knowledge, new friends, new experience, that no one can take from me. Itwill help me build my future career therefore I will take everything from this.

I can’t no mention that in all aspect of my life I find or I trying to find anoptimistic approach for everything. I know that this is very important as theway you see a situation make the difference between opportunity and threat.The opportunity could knock in your door and be visible, if not you should takeopportunity from everything, because only like that you will meet the successin your life. ThreatsThreatscould be defined as shortcomings that prevent you from achieving your personalgoals or from doing something that you want to do in this life.

Threats couldnot necessary be hurtful or distressful but anyway it can limit our ability toprogress in the way that we would like. (Developing Work and Study Skills-Linda Lee-Davies). All this could have a negative impact on our career orfuture plans.My personal biggest threat is the fact that I am working while studying, forthat reason I couldn’t spend all my time in preparing myself the best as I can.However, if I will leave my job I will meet another threat in my road- lack ofmoney. For that reason, I trying to find the balance between my work anduniversity, as well as plan my time and my finances. It’s very important to be realistic and honest with ourselves when we aredealing with threats because only in that way we can find the right opportunities;we should objectively analyse our threats and identify possible ways toovercome them.

  Summary  SWOT analysis is an important apparatus foran objective and focused investigation of yourself. It allows you to identifyyour strengths and minimize your weaknesses, to take advantages fromopportunities and to diminish your threats. As you complete it, you can feelthe evolution, you can create a direction for yourself. You have now a good understandingof yourself, you can easily get a successful and competitive position in yourwork.  I personally see what things I shouldfix in my personal skillset and I start to think how to prevent all thebarriers from my road. My development is continuous, so I never should stopworking on it. Now Ican conclude that the SWOT analysis meets a set of advantages and makes meunderstand that it is something that I can do better than my peers, it shows methat I should always avoid the “STOP” sign, it helps me expand my knowledgesand raise new goals.



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