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Take Animism, one of the oldest belief systems on the planet. It is roughly six million years old and predates any form of organized religion in favor of a universal spirituality that observes everything as a unified whole. Animism is derived from the word “Breath” or “Soul” and originated as far back as the paleolithic age. Animism is said to describe the most foundational thread of spirituality. Animism is the belief that there is no distinction between the spirit and physical world, everything from animals, plants, rivers, mountains all live together as a part of a global community eternally connected to a universal spirit. To the indigenous people of the Earth the Animistic perspective is so fundamental they don’t even have a word in their language for “Animism”. To them it is simply everyday life. In many communities and cultures trees were regarded as deities to be respected when their lives were sacrificed for human use. Pagan woodcutters would not cut a tree until begging for forgiveness. Animist followers practice shamanism, experts in resolving interspecies misunderstandings. Their work often involves dramatic trance rituals reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive or interact with the spirit world. Animism is expressed in simple gift giving, like when indigenous people or nature worshippers would give peace offerings to other tribes or sacred beings. This belief system that has evolved alongside human culture today is present in a number of religions. Expressions of Animism can be found in Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shinto.  A core mantra of Animism is “It’s not just humans that have feelings, animals, plants, and rocks do to.” With everything we know about quantum physics, we are beginning to see the same belief system presented in a much more logical and scientific manner. That everything is apart of this grand infinite unified whole of moving energy that so far we don’t know how to understand. Its like these ancient beings had the same exact understanding and they experienced it by living through life unlike the way we today are experiencing life which is through technology. By moving forward we are moving towards this ancient understanding. By looking at these ancient belief systems we begin to wrap our heads around what these ancients knew and understood and how we might actually reintegrate that ideology back into our lives but with a more complete scientific understanding about what it is we are interacting with. What is the mind of God?



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