Task go for a long way. Customers’

Task 3


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customer is an individual or business that purchase the goods or services
product by a business.


Customer care is the function of
activities design to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Basically
there are two types of customers.

1.      External

2.      Internal


A customer service standard is the
interaction between a business and its customers. Customer service standards
are excellence, response time, accessibility, delivery time and commitment. All
businesses lead back to the customer in one form or another, so it is
imperative that companies continuously strive to improve the level of service
they deliver. Customer service standards must be constantly monitored and
incorporated into the strategic planning of the company


When a company following good customer
service, they can reduce company issues that mean customer service handles
company issues. It can be happening over the phone and even by email. As an
example company has an online app if someone to be there to resolve their
problems. Customer service is very important to and organization for a number
of reasons. When an organization not following customer service, as a result of
that it would be difficult to go for a long way.


Customers’ expectations,


•           Friendly,
knowledgeable service provide.

•           Respect
– they want to be recognized as someone who is important.

•           Empathy
– they want their feelings and emotions to be recognized.

•           Access
to information – access to information should be immediate and accurate.

•           Reliability
– the ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.

•           Speed
– the ability to help customers promptly.

•           Appropriate
and expedient problem resolution.














According to the
Emirates Airline:


Emirates Airline

§  Individual

§  The
Travelers Company

§  The
person who choosing the airline

§  The
Travel Agent

§  Corporate

§  Cargo


Target Audience:

§  New
price sensitive customers who seek quality, travel from/ to non-capital cities.

§  Business
Travelers-  existing and new customers
seeking a higher quality service compared to other major airlines -Availability
of choice of destination without transfer.


Emirates provide
more services for their passengers:

§  Cabin
– First class

             Business class

Economy class

§  Catering
– special meals

§  In-flight
entertainment system

§  Lounges

§  Chauffeur-

§  Ground

§  Dubai
Visa Service

some times, Emirates had to deal with an upset customer. The challenge is to
handle the situation, in a way that leaves the customer thinking the process
was great. There are some points to show how Emirates can handle the customer
care problems.

Listen carefully to what the passenger has
to say, and let them finish.

Ask questions in a caring and concerned

Apologize without blaming

Ask from the customer “what would be an
acceptable solution to you?”

Finally, solve the problem.




customer relationships is a not very easy task, but Emirates do that in right
way, it can help set your company apart from your competitors.

to customers is an easy way to maintain customer relationships. One-way social
media can help is by providing a space for business and customers to connect.
By creating company social media accounts, Emirates can help customers reach
out if they have concerns, or feedback. Listening to them on this social
networks will allow to respond quickly. And the other hands following points
are the how Emirates handle customer aftercare.

ü  Being
genuine for their passengers

ü  Create
and engage with their brand ambassadors

ü  Put
emphasis on passenger’s success

ü  Keep
in touch with every time with their passengers


Customers’ feedback:



Good quality from this budget airline.
Flight on time. Leg room good and boarding a breeze. Customer will use Emirates
Airlines as it is value for money.


The great thing about Emirates is the
on-time performance.


No queues at check in, nice -crew,
cheerful and professional.


The emirates staff is extremely friendly
and always greets passengers with a smile. The seats are extremely comfortable.
The in-flight entertainment system cates to adults as well as children.



One bad thing about Emirates Airline is
that they do not even serve water at free. Snacks were expensive, outside foods
are allowed.


The food served aboard was ok, but more
variety would be appreciated.


The only hassle was the reservation
website did not accept internationally valid credit cards.






Emirates Air

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are essential
platform to be active on

Posting worthwhile media content, along
with promos, ads and customer service assistance.

Facebook: 3-5 posts per week

Twitter: 10-15 posts per week



Emirates currently has on exceptional

Quick and simple to book flights and
manage bookings

Elegant presentation



The increasing popularity of smartphones
has shifted the majority of booking to online mediums.

Emirates mobile site and app are both
simple and easy to use, with an intuitive platform.



Air India

Singapore Airlines

Etihad Airway

British Airway

Qatar Airway





















The Emirates Annual Report 2016/2017,
Available from https://cdn.ek.aero/downloads/ek/pdfs/report/annual_report_2017.pdf,accessed December 3, 2017


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