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Task 2:Identify five significant risks that you think the project faces. For each risk determine howlikely you think it is to occur (the probability) and the impact if it does occur.

Create yourown scoring system for probability and impact. You might use high-Medium- Low.For this project as five significant risks are: weather, deadline, energy (electricity), temporarystaff, and flood.Weather-is main risk for the project faces because now is winter and is very cold, snow, ice inthe streets of the city, so its risk for the workers, they can fall, to damage all decorations and allour works can go in damage. But the weather I can position in medium impact or probabilitybecause for every end-year seasons is winter and we understood is rainy, snowy and coldeverything is possible in this season.6Deadline- is the hardest part of the project because the deadline is the only stress that can endthe tasks that we have to finish at a certain time and we are afraid that we cannot finish it verywell and with quality because it is a time certain and the probability is high because we are afraidmaybe we cannot perform the tasks on time.

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Energy (electricity) – Decorations that require power are very basic amid the holiday season.Series of lights both inside and out are often shown in festivity of end-year season. These parchedimprovements can represent the danger of electrical issues including over-burdens, blowncircuits, and even fire.

. And for occurrence or probability I can say that electricity is the mainrisk in the project and for this risk the probability is high.Temporary staff –danger due to low temperatures.

Worker’s staff may have seasonal illness,they may suffer fractures due to ice creases and consequently staff reductions may be carried outwith delays in professionalism. If not managed well, there will be difficulties in working hours ifthey live far away can delayed due to climatic transport difficulties slowing the roads aredamaged they may not arrive in time and any delays affect the failure to reach the end of theworks by the given time and date, and probability is high.Flood – since it is the winter season and rain, snow refreshments have not stopped there may beflooding in the city and the project can go to damage all work and the project remains in half andall the money spent are damage. For last risk I think is medium probability because even thoughhave snow and rain cannot have flood because there is no heavy rainfall.


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