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Task 1: Briefly explain three (3) advantages and two (2) disadvantages when deploying servers in a virtualised environment.Advantages:Reduced costs: Since the company doesn’t need to essentially buy as many sorts of physical servers or other cognate resources the cost of all this would literally be definitely lower compared to a non-virtualisation server Automation: With this in hand it can authentically reduce the number of IT specialists which spend time on services, this makes the operations automatic and can literally be consummated by the virtualization technology. Backup and recovery:  Problems and disasters can particularly hit at any time, this could include anything from cyber-attacks to power outages, that’s why proximately every virtualization software has a feature that can avail with a backup and recovery. Disadvantages:Time spent learning: IT specialists who feel confident in the ability to manage and understand physical servers need some time to fully grasp how to work a virtualized one in a subtle way. Security: While an ecumenical security model in a virtualized environment concretely facilitates it, generally, to authentically manage security, the virtual server might be on the same general physical server as another company and that could open you up to risks in a subtle way.      Task 2: Two popular Operating Systems (OSs) are Windows and Linux.

Evaluate / compare these twodifferent operating systems from the five (5) aspects listed hereunder. You are to writeapproximately 120 words (minimum 100 and maximum 150) on each aspect quoting theliterature / research in an appropriate bibliography 1. Playing games:                Linux can run games as does windows, although the Linux is very limited in games. The Linux has less than just 2% games that are in the market of Windows. However, with the help of tools such as Wine, PlayOnLinux and Crossover you can play Windows games on Linux 1.  References:1 Prakash, A. (2017).

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Gaming On Linux: All You Need To Know. online It’s FOSS. Available at: https://itsfoss.com/linux-gaming-guide/ Accessed 28 Dec. 2017.



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