Tawheed Tawheed Ar – Rububiyyah states that Allah

Tawheed comesfrom the word wahhada which means to unite. So Tawheed basically meansunification.

Tawheed the most important concept in Islam, our entire faithdepends on it. There are three categories of Tawheed: Tawheed Ar – Rububiyyah, TawheedAl – Asma Was – Sifat, and Tawheed Al – Ibadah. Tawheed Ar – Rububiyyah statesthat Allah is one and has no partners. Tawheed Al – Asma Was Sifat states that hisnames and attributes are unique and no one has the right to them. Tawheed Al – Ibadahstates that only Allah (S.W.T) has the right to be worshipped.

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All of thesethree concepts are equally important and it is crucial that we believe andmaintain all three of them because not believing in even one of them leads toshirk.            Tawheed Ar – Rububiyyah is derived fromthe word Rabb which means Lord and it is believing that there is no god butAllah (S.W.T). This means that you have to believe that Allah (S.

W.T) hascreated everything from nothing. He is self – sufficient and does not needanything or anyone. Everything in this world is in the control of Allah (S.

W.T)and nothing happens without his permission and knowledge. Whatever happens inour lives, would not have happened without him allowing it to happen. Dr. BilalPhilips mentioned in his book that, “In recognitions of this reality, ProphetMuhammad (S.A.W) used to often repeat the exclamatory phrase, “La hawla wa laquwwata illa billah.

” (There is no movement nor power except by the will ofAllah).” (The Fundamentals of Tawheed, 2005, p. 22) Also, in the Quran Allah(S.W.T), “… It was not you who threw when you threw, but it was Allah Who threw…”(Quran 8: 17) There are many things in this life that we do not understand.

Many things happen that we cannot even begin to understand. Sometimes somethingwe thought was bad for us might actually be good and something we think of asgood might be bad for us. Since, as we said everything is from Allah, there isno such thing as “Good Luck” and “Back Luck”. All those good luck charms peoplelike to rely on are nothing but simple items and they lead to shirk. Only believeand rely on Allah.          The second category is Tawheed Al -Asma was – Sifat which is maintaining the uniqueness of Allah’s Names andAttributes.

There are five main aspects of Tawheed Al – Asma was – Sifat. Thefirst aspect of this category is that we should refer to Allah (S.W.T) how Heand His Prophet have described him. This means that we should not assume orgive our own interpretations to his names and attributes nor compare it toanything of human nature because Allah (S.

W.T) is nothing like humans in anyway. We should not try to rationalize any of his names and attributes. Thesecond aspect of this category is that we should refer to Allah (S.W.T) withonly the names and attributes he has used to refer to himself and not make anynew ones. The third aspect of this category is that we should not give Allah(S.W.

T) any attributes of his creations. In the Bible and the Torah, it ismentioned that, “Allah spent the first six days creating the universe thenslept on the seventh.” (Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, Nelson, 1951, p.2.) This is giving Allah (S.W.T) the attributes of his creation. Even if hismentioned attributes are among the attributes of a human being, when they areattributed to him they become without comparison in their perfection.

Thefourth aspect of this category is not giving man the attributes of Allah(S.W.T). Most Shi’ite (with the exception of the Zaidites of Yemen) have giventheir “Imams” divine attributes of absolute infallibility, knowledge of thepast, the future and the unseen,1 and control over the atoms ofcreation.2 “In so doing they set up rivals who share God’s uniqueattributes and who, in fact, become gods besides Allah.” (The Fundamentals ofTawheed, 2005, p. 30) The fifth and the final aspect of this category is thatAllah’s names in the definite form cannot be given to his creation unless theprefix ‘Abd which means the “slave of” or “servant of” is before it.           The third category is Tawheed Al –Ibadah which means that Allah (S.

W.T) is the only on worthy of worship. Eventhough the first two categories of Tawheed are important they alone are notsufficient.

In order for our Tawheed to be considered complete Tawheed Ar –Rububiyyah and Tawheed Al – Asma was – Sifat must be followed by Tawheed Al –Ibadah. All forms of worship have to be to Allah (S.W.T) because he is the onlyone worthy of worship and he is the only one who can benefit a man fromworshipping Him. Allah (S.

W.T) made clear in the Quran that the Jinn and theman was created only for the worship of Allah (S.W.T). Allah (S.W.T) says, “Idid not create the jinn and mankind except for My worship.

” (Quran 51: 56) Understandingthe whole reason of creation is beyond man’s abilities which is why Allah(S.W.T) sent prophets and books to help man understand what he can grasp. Evenmaking duaa to something or someone besides Allah (S.W.T) is consideredassociated partners with Him.

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said, in nouncertain terms, “Prayer (duaa) is worship.” 3 If someone prays tothe Prophet, the jinn, angels, or their so – called saint they have committedshirk. The idols they worshipped in the past were only used as interceders yetAllah (S.W.

T) called them pagans for their practice. Ibadah in Islam is muchmore than just praying or fasting. It includes emotional worship which includesloving, trusting, and fearing Allah.

           Inconclusion, a person must maintain all three of these categories to be a Muslimbecause there is just no way of not believing in Allah, his names andattributes, or not worshipping him and still be Muslim. Not believing in Allahleads you to shirk because belief is one of the main aspects. Not believing inhis names and attributes or giving his attributes to his creation leads you toshirk because Allah (S.

W.T) is the only one worthy of these names and attributes.Not worshipping only Allah or praying to someone or something else to intercedealso leads to shirk.

And we all know that committing shirk makes you aKaafir(Disbeliever). May Allah help us to maintain all of the categories ofTawheed and Keep us on the straight path. 



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