Teachers than they should be. Stress can

Teachers in America are signing much more homework
than they should. Studies show that students in high schools in America are
doing average 3 hours of homework per day but are receiving  the same or even worse grades than students
who do not do homework. Studies also say that homework can lead to unhealthy
effects like stress and depression. Much homework also takes up time to do
activities or leisure. These are some reasons why teachers in America should
sign much less homework than they are doing.


Finland is doing a great job regarding homework, they
are keeping homework as little as possible. Students in Finland are more happy
than students in the US and they are also receiving as good or even better grades
than American students. The school days are shorter  than in America and students in Finland say that
they look forward to go to school the next day, I doubt that American students
say the same. While American students are doing homework after school, students
in Finland are with their families, friends or doing what they love the most,
and that makes them happier than students in America. The Finland school system
should be a role model for other countries.

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Unhealthy effects are making students struggle
with their studying. Students in America are doing 3 hours of homework per day,
that is one hour more than experts recommend. Too much homework is making
students more stressed than they should be. Stress can lead to sleep
deprivation and when students do not sleep enough they come to school tired and
dont learn and perform like they should. Stress can also lead to depression and
that does have negative effect on students. Studies show that some students use
drugs to cope with stress wich is not good because that can lead to addiction. Less
homework leads to healthier students.


Students do not have enough time to be with their
family and meet their friends. American students are in school for 7-8 hours and
if there is also homework then they are in school for about 10-11 hours each
day. Teenagers need about 8 hours of sleep to be healthy, so about 18 hours of
the day is spent in school and sleeping. If they do not meet their friends or
do school activities they are being alienated from society and that is not
good. Most students have hobbies that they want to spend their time in every
day but school is too often in the way of that and that can lead to
unhappiness. Relaxing is also necessary, but the constant strain is making
students too exhausted to wake up in the morning and their attendence to school
will decrease. That is why it is necessary to have some free time.


This should be a wake up call for all teachers.
Clearly signing much homework and extra assignments is not leading to better
grades. Happiness is the key to healthy lifestyle and studies show that
students are happier and more productive when school work is in balance with
their free time. Less homework, less stress, more happiness.

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