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Last updated: May 16, 2019

               Technology is playing vital role inour day-to-day life. The technology  contributionto the society has made lots of improvements to our modern live in  Severalways. While some people think that technology is uncontrollable and we  alsoexperience negative sides if it in our regular life’s.

There are importantfields  wheretechnology is effects more like education, health care, research and  routinelife are analyzed and found that the effects are positive in improvement  onhuman life.               Technology contribution is made theeducation field very advanced,  whichmakes students to get access to the information and study material better  thanever. It also gave convenience for students to learn and research new things  intheir educational life. For example the video classes and projectors are helped tothe students in learning subjects more practically. The computers are another  formof technology in education to be more updated to the advanced  environment.Using computer labs in the education will help students learn the  skillsto work in any type of work environment in their career.

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The computers  evenhelp the teachers with more accurate information about the subject for the  lessonsto relate it with more real scenarios. The equipment, which is invented  recentyears, which are part of the technology, is very helpful in the research  students.               Health care is another field wheretechnology played major role and all of  usneeds to be thankful for that.  Dangerousdeceases, which could cause deaths  inthe society, are now easy to be dealt with the help of advanced equipment and  themedicines. The surgeries like heart, kidney and liver replacements are  possiblewith the help of modern technology unlike past days where these are  impossibleto even think about. Medical researches are still in process to find  medicinesfor diseases like Aids and Cancer with the help of technology.                The technology has improved our communicationsystem through  telephones,mobile, Internet and social networking.

The communication is  Somethingthat makes a very big impact on our daily life. Unlike before we have  electronicdevices in our hand through which we do our communication quick  andeffective, for example Facebook, Whatsapp, and Email etc. The  Improvementsin security systems in our society is a main result of technology  Whichis very important. Emergency contact numbers and the equipment’s used  Inthe emergency situations are invented and operated through technology.

   Housealarm systems are perfect example for the technology improvement in the  dailylife as it gives safety to the society. Technology also improved to help  womanat home in the form of  cooking, Vacuumand laundry etc, where woman  couldsave their time and rather spend it for work, study etc.               Over all the technology improvedhuman lives to the unprecedented  Levels.The positives of technology also overweigh the negative part of it.  We  canclearly say that the technology is controllable and  we can easily see how it  helpsimprove the society in different fields.

Advances in medicines improve the   healthof the people and help them live longer, and other new technologies help  socitylives better quality of life.


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