Technology, impact to humans, especially teenagers. Internet

over the years, has evolved and it is still evolving until the present time.
Technology was invented to create new things that decrease human work. Great
examples of modernistic technology are computers. They are one of the greatest
inventions humans ever created. It has been used for calculations and
functioning machines since years ago.

with the evolution of technology, computers continue to upgrade and this
upgrade includes the Internet. The generation today includes computers in their
everyday life of humans. Computers can now be used in communicating with people
all around the world, organizing files, editing documents, searching for new
information, and playing games. It is basically an all-in-one gadget that can
be used anytime, and this is the reason why people get hooked to it. Soon then,
with the help of the internet, Online Games were created.

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to Wikipedia, on 1990, online games were created and right until the present
time, it has made a huge impact to humans, especially teenagers. Internet
games, often called as online games, are games that are played on computers,
cell phones, laptops, and other technological platforms. Online games need the
internet and necessary plug-ins to be played. Online games have many genres,
including casual games and multiplayer games. According to a research paper in
Saint Michael’s College of Laguna, a game will become an online game if it uses
the internet and it includes a computer with one player and they fight against
other players in another computer with the same genre. An online game is a game
that uses some form of computer network. Online games have been popular
throughout the online community, making it a source of entertainment and

teenage demographic has been greatly affected to online games addiction due to
cheaper internet fees and consoles. Teenagers often say that their reason for
playing online games is linked leisure time. This keeps them outside the sun
without knowing the effects of these games. While it is fun, online games have
many negative side effects such as anti-socialization, increasing anxieties and
anger, damaging relationships with friends and family and the decreasing of
academic grades. Most complaints from families and friends have increased due
to the lack of time spent with each other and some teenagers may want to
increase their online performance than their academic performance.

according to a research in Australia that has more than 12,000 high school
students respondents, students that plays online games on the regular has
higher scores on math and science than those who don’t.
According to an economist, Alberto Posso, online gamers develop analytical and
critical thinking skills that help them in their grades.  Because of these contrasting details, the
researchers want to know if online games really affect the academic performance
of teenagers who are in school. The response of this study will depend on the
answer of selected respondents on our created survey.

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