Technology belonging of some gases or chemical

Technology has made of a huge evaluation these past years. Computer and mobile phones keep on upgrading in fast pace. Individuals rely on use of these machineries to make their daily chores easy and lessen the time needed for them to do these tasks. With the use of Arduino, people can easily generate device. Use of receiver or sensor frequently used because of its fast process of getting the information.
Odor which refers to unsightly smells, is taken into consideration as an critical environmental pollution problem. Interest to scent as an environmental nuisance has been growing as an end result of growing industrialization and the attention of human being’s need for a smooth environment. Consequently, efforts to abate smell issues are vital to be able to keep the satisfactory of the environment. On this framework, information the odor problem and the origin and dispersion of odors, abatement and detection strategies are, consequently, very essential aspects of scent pollutants within the environment. One of the demanding situations whilst handling the odor pollution hassle is the method for the detection of odor emissions. Detection is an crucial aspect regarding compliance with the environmental policies, because the detection consequences can be used as proof of the release of odorous materials to the environment. A hit and splendid detection method will bring about a chain of accountably records. A dependable device, consequently, is vital. there is a growing tendency in industry to broaden a detection device that allows actual-time measurements. in this way, a simple and quick online-tracking machine can be mounted and time-eating methods prevented. Sampling and traditional analytical tactics are then no longer necessary, since the detection and dimension of the odorous compounds may be done speedy and the consequences presented on demand.
Schmeisser, Pollard, and Letowski (2013) state the odor is a belonging of some gases or chemical materials carried through air that may be recognized by the smell sensation, additionally known as the sense of olfaction, after inhaling or on contact with antennae via a living organism. Most odors indicate the presence of an natural compound, although some easy chemical substances now not containing carbon also can produce an odor.
Background of the Study
According to Apita Southern Luzon State University was originally named as Southern Luzon Polytechnic College and was converted to SLSU by virtue of R.A. 9395 signed into law by president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The first University President was Dr. Cecilia Gascon by the virtue of resolution No. 609 Series of 2007. Later because of the rapid growth of SLPC it is now manifested in the existence of eight satellite campuses located in various parts of Quezon province including the newly build Southern Luzon State University Tayabas Campus. Under Resolution No. 130, series of 1996 SLPC-Lucena Dual Training and Livelihood Center, was then stablished.
SLSU Lucena Campus was originally situated at Iyam Lucena city. However, the dream of getting their own building became their biggest challenge to try for a lot of. it had been Jan 2013 once the dreams of the folks of SLSU Lucena campus reached it. They moved to their very own and new building at Red-V, Ibabang dupay, Lucena city.
Comfort rooms is important in universities and other public and private facilities. Today the common problem that the people encounters at the comfort room is the unpleasant odor that they smell to the said area and the designated personnel will have no choice but to manually spray an odor repellant as a common way of reducing the bad odor. With the use of automatic light switch and odor repellant it will give more reliable and dependable way of mitigating the odor.

Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the research and development project is to design and develop “Automatic Light Switch and Odor Repellant for SLSU Lucena Comfort Room” that will lessen unpleasant odor stenches around the area as well as to automatically spray the odor repellant to the university comfort room in reducing the bad odor that assaults the senses.

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Specifically, the study aims following objectives:
1. To determine the requirements of this project that serves as the primarily source for design and development of Automatic Light Switch and Odor Repellant for SLSU Lucena Comfort Room.
2. To design a prototype device with the use of Arduino IDE Platform, Fritzing diagram and Schematic diagram and the identified requirements to be utilized in creating an equipment that helps in mitigating bad odors.
3. To develop a device with the use of Arduino Microcontroller and sensors to automate the odor repellant in the comfort room that will help reduce the unpleasant smell.
4. To evaluate the level of acceptability of Automatic Light Switch and Odor Repellant for SLSU Lucena Comfort Room in terms of:
4.1 Functionality
4.2 Adaptability
4.3 Cost-Effectiveness
4.4 Originality?
Significance of the Study
The “Automatic Light Switch and Odor Repellant for SLSU Lucena Comfort Room” is the innovative way in spraying an odor repellant when the bad odor is being sensed by the sensor and operated using the programmable Arduino module. The direct beneficiaries of this research are the SLSU Lucena comfort room, as well as for people who takes interest much as the individuals who is concern about removing bad odor in the comfort room.
Likewise, this study provides a significant amount of information for the community to be more knowledgeable on Arduino technology. This research will help maintain the smell of the toilet through the use of improved technological method.
For Community, this study would be useful to the community especially to those who wants to eliminate the odor in their comfort room using this device.
For the students, this study may serve as a guide and reference in their research studies. Likewise, to be familiar with the Arduino programming platform, in addition to write programs that could be test their skills and knowledge in terms of technical aspects.
For the academe, this research will aid them their discussion regarding related lessons. It will be easier for them to tackle related topics about this research.
For the researchers, this will aid them develop and enhance their skills in terms of programming via Arduino. They can apply the learnings that they have acquired in the university.
For future researchers, most especially to computer students, who seek to improve and further develop a research same as in this study.

Scope and Limitation
This research is focused on structure and developing a device using PIR and air quality sensor and Arduino microcontroller.
PIR sensor controlled by Arduino microcontroller will be used to detect motions upon entering the comfort room to automate the switching of the light and air quality sensor as a triggering device for the prototype to automatically spray an odor repellent when it senses the unpleasant odor stench’s around the area.
The prototype was only limited in sensing the motion and air quality. The device only focuses on reducing the bad odor and automating the light of the university comfort room.

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