We Southeast Region 200 (195.00) [0.13] 125 (130.00)

Weare presents with the following information in which we are presumed to answer.We should use chi square test program to come up with numerous hypotheticalconclusions.TheNortheast region is operating the software sold 165 and the group with nosoftware sold 100, The Southeast region with software sold 200 and the groupwith no software sold 125.  The Central regionwith software sold […]

ne to antivirus programs. Antivirus looks for the

ne of the simplest tasks performed by antivirus software is file scanning. This processcompares the bytes in files with known signatures that are byte patterns indicative of a knownmalware. It represents the general approach of signature-based detection. When new malwareis captured, it is analyzed for unique characteristics that can be described in a signature. Thenew signature is distributed […]

Team practices and group execution is dependent upon

Team Leadership/Management StylePart 1:As indicated by Sarin and O’ Connor article style and objective structures of group pioneers affect inside group progression (Sarin, 2009). The sort of group administration style relies upon a few elements and the general population in the group. The kinds of initiative styles are participative, steady, accomplishment situated, order, and group pioneers’ position. Each […]

Difference between hardware and software

Question What are the differences between hardware and software? Answer Computer hardware is any physical device, something that you are able to touch and software is a collection of instructions and code installed into the computer and cannot be touched. For example, the computer monitor you are using to read this text on and the mouse you are […]

Introduction their role in receipt of data. To

Introduction  Securityplays an important role when it’s come to sharing the data over the internetand public’s main concern is how their data is going to be shared, who can haveaccess and how it can be prevented to be used by third parties. Increase in newtechnologies have put the security aspects like privacy, integrity,authenticity and non-repudiation in critical condition. […]

Voice vs Data

There are only a few ssimilarities between transmitting information over voice and transmitting information over data. The permanent virtual circuit of a data line is the main ssimilarity toa voice connection which uses full duplex on PSTN circuits. These two types of connection are used by multiple services to date. Cell phones use data networks to transmit information. […]

Analysis of Industry

Competitive Rivalry The Competitive Rivalry in South Africa is high and will continue to increase as new Providers enter the industry. * The Competition is based on price and quality. The entry of every new Customer brings with a new set of price cuts and hence intensifies competition between cell phone provo=. Major threats currently: * Cell C, […]

Instant Messaging

Today’s society is a great deal different from 20 years ago, Technology, more and more is becoming a vital asset in our everyday lives. Some people have become so dependent upon their computer, that without it they feel lost and unable to communicate with others. Instant messaging has become a very beneficial and convenient form of communication worldwide. […]

Lab Experiment 2

FOURIER SERIES Objective : 1. To show that any periodic function (or signal) can be represented as a series of sinusoidal (or complex exponentials) function. 2. To show and to study hot to approximate periodic functions using a finite number of sinusoidal function and run the simulation using MATLAB. Scope : In experiment 1, students need to learn […]


1-What did this author (Friedman) have to say, I thought he was really a great clues about Microsoft in developing software?One of the main points of Friedman is that the flat world has allowed technology to flow from one country to another with greater ease.  The traditional boundaries that have hampered the exchange in information are no longer […]


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