Tensions during the early hours of November 29

Tensions have been high in the nations surrounding North Korea for some time now. With the country testing nuclear missiles frequently, the world has been concerned about what is to come next. Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has voiced his concerns with North Korea handling and testing nuclear weapons. With World War II came the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Abe said that these bombs were “…the precursor to today’s nuclear weapons.…” Japan’s prime minister is concerned that nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea could lead to very disastrous events. Last Wednesday, an important event occured where the hotline between North Korea and South Korea rung after not being used for two years. Communication was made between the two nations after Kim Jong-un stated that North Korean athletes may perform in the upcoming winter olympics which will take place in South Korea. The involvement of North Korean athletes in the winter olympics may lead to calmer terms between those two nations. Yet, there are still rising tensions between North Korea and other countries internationally, such as the United States.  Although North Korea doesn’t seem to be as hostile towards South Korea, the prime minister of Japan will likely not let his guard down as he said last week at a news conference that “‘A nuclear armed North Korea is absolutely unacceptable….'”With the rising tensions, Abe has said,  “…the security situation facing his country is the severest since the Second World War.” This means that Japan is not very secure at this point in time. Abe is trying to urge other international leaders as well to make an effort in stopping North Korea from pursuing its nuclear intentions. A deadline had been set by prime minister Abe last year to “revise” the constitution of the nation which states that Japan is not allowed to have armed forces. He had set the deadline to the year 2020 as a result of rising tensions with North Korea. Each time the country had a new nuclear missile launch, improvements have been made. It shows the progress of North Korea and how dangerous it could be for the future of the world.  The article states, “In September, the North Korean regime carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. Its most recent missile test — during the early hours of November 29 — landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.” Japan’s security is truly threatened. The Japanese prime minister also said he would take it into his hands to make sure to deal with the situation with North Korea right away. This information is important to a citizen of the world because with North Korea’s increasing testing of nuclear missiles, no one knows what might occur in near future events. The prime minister of Japan is worried because of the major security threat to the nation. With the ending result of the bombings of WWII, the country has ever since, been very careful when dealing with international events. As great of a security threat that it is to Japan, citizens of the world should be concerned as well. The use of any nuclear weapons in the world results in long term and very damaging effects in very large areas. As soon as there is use of nuclear weapons by a nation, it becomes a major issue internationally. Especially with the rising tensions between the nuclear powers of the world, it is a very serious issue trying to be dealt with. Japan suffered great losses in the past, and the last thing anyone should want in this world is more deaths and chaos. It is important that citizens of the world are aware of news such as this so that people understand the situation and the consequences that may come out of it if one “wrong move” is taken. The prime minister of Japan recognizes the situation of North Korea as possibly very dangerous and wants to make sure Japan is safe, but people around the world should know this as well for their own well being. Nations internationally should take this situation as seriously as Japan is.

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